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The Doonreagan Library



What follows is a selection of books available to read by visitors to Doonreagan. Books have been categorised in ways to make them easy to access and survey.

Books not followed by a code are located in the Doonreagan Reading Room, a key to which will be provided by your hosts on request.

Books followed by a code are kept in various other places and will be provided by your hosts on request.



Also, on request, the following can be seen:

-          an extensive antiquarian collection

-          an extensive collection of contemporary fiction in Swedish

-          a limited collection of books in French


While every effort has been made for accurate categorisation and representation, we can not guarantee against any unintentional misplacements, omissions or misspellings. 


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Title Author
A Concise History of Irish Art Bruce Arnold
A Concise History of Modern Painting Herbert Read
A Concise History of Russian Art T Talbot Rice
A Future for Irish Historic Houses Terence Dooley
Age of Chivalry Nigel Saul
A Guide to Irish Country Houses Mark Bence Jones
A History of Gardening in Ireland K Lamb/P Bowe
A History of Venetian Architecture E Concina
Alexander Pope (Poet and Landscape) M. Batey DHL
Ancient Ireland J O'Brien/P Harbison
An Outline of European Architecture N Pevsner
Architectural Inventory of County Galway  
Architecture and Landscape Architecture Fleming/Honour/Pevsner
Architecture and Sculpture in Early Britain R T Stoll
Artist and Aristocrat: The Life and Work of Lady Mabel Annesley 1881-1959  
A Time and Place: Two Centuries of Irish Social Life Irish National Gallery
Avenues to the Past ed. T Reeves Smyth/R Oram
Belzoni's Travels  
Benares Seen from Within R Lamoy
Bloomsbury At Home Pamela Todd
British Sporting Artists W Shaw Sparrow
British Sporting Painting 1650-1850  
British Watercolours Ronald Parkinson
Building the Frick Collection C Bailey
Buildings of North County Down C E B Brett
Byzantine Art and Civilisation The Folio Society
Capability Brown Joan Clifford
Capability Brown Thomas Hinde
Celtic and Early Christian Ireland  
Ceramic Art in Remote Ages J B Waring DHL
Chantilly J P Babelon
Charles Bridgeman and the English Landscape Garden P Willis
Chats on Old Prints Arthur Hayden
Chefs d'Oeuvres de l'Enluminure francaise du XV siecle DH
Chivalry Michael Foss
Christie's Review of The Season 1964-65, 1966, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988  
Cistercian Abbeys  
Civilisation Kenneth Clark
Classical and Gothic Michael McCarthy
Classic Irish Houses of the Middle Size Maurice Craig
Clerics and Connoisseurs: Irish Art Collection  
through Three Centuries  
Colour Harmony - Its Theory and Practice A B Allen
Connoisseurs and Secret Agents in 18th Century Rome Lesley Lewis
David and Neo-Classicism Sophie Monnevet
Dictionary of Portrait Painters in Britain DHL  
Drawings by Michelangelo National Gallery of Ireland
Drawings from the National Gallery of Ireland 1967  
Dreams of a Summer Night - Scandinavian Painting at the Turn of the 20th Century DC  
Dublin: A Grand Tour Desmond Guinness
Dutch Landscape Painting W. Stechow DHL
Dutch Museums  
Dutch Portraits: The Age of Rembandt and Frans Hals  
Durer Alan Brakam
Durer Marcel Brion
Durer Woodcuts  
Early Christian Irish Art Francoise Henry
Early Christian Monuments County Galway, Vols. 1-2 J G Higgins
Early Medieval Art John Beckwith
Early Medieval Art and Civilisation The Folio Society
Egypt Caught in Time C Osman
El Greco Jean Babelon
El Greco Waterhouse/Baccheschi
Encumbered Estates Ireland 1850-1905 M C Lyons
Encyclopedia of Old Masters Joachim Fernan
England's Heritage D Brabbs
English Abbeys and Priories Cook/Smith
English Art 1216-1307 Brieger
English Gothic Foliage Sculpture Gardner
English Furniture in the Eighteenth Century, 3 volumes Herbert Cescinsky DHL
English Neo-Classical Art David Irwin
English Painting  
English Stained Glass of the Medieval Period John Baker
Eternal Greece Warner/Hurlimann
Europe from Renaissance to Reformation The Folio Society
Exclusive Villas and Resorts G Gamondi
Exhibition of Old Master Paintings  
Exposed: The Victorian Nude  
Fine English Furniture and Works of Art  
Fine English Furniture Bonhams March 2014  
Florentine Drawings of the Sixteenth Century Turner
Florentine Renaissance Sculpture Charles Avery
Follies, Grottoes and Garden Buildings Hedley/meulenkamp
Fontainebleau J M P de Montclos
French Art: Prehistory to Middle Ages Andre Chaste
Folio: Cities and Civilisations  
From Dun Dela to Dundalk Paul Goslingl
From Giotto to Cezanne Michael Levey
From Van Eyck to Bruegel Friedlander
Georgian Grace John Gloag
Gothic M Aldrich
Gothic Art Andrew Martindale
Gothic Art and Civilisation The Folio Society
Gothic Sculpture 1140-1300 Williamson
Great Excavations John Romer
Great Irish Houses and Castles J O'Brien/D Guinness
Great Houses of Britain Nigel Nicholson
Great Houses of Europe S Sitwell
Great Palaces S Sitwell
Greek Monumental Bronze Sculpture  
Guide to Western Architecture John Gloag
Historic Buildings in Rathfriland and Hilltown  
Historic Buildings in the town of Downpatrick  
Historic Family Homes and Gardens  
Historic Houses of the National Trust A Tinniswood
History and Imagery in British Churches Anderson
History and Landscape Lydia Greeves
History of Art E H Gombrich
History of Kylemore Castle and Abbey Kathleen Villiers-Tuthill
History of the World's Art Hermann Leicht
History Unearthed Woolley
Holbein and the Court of Henry VIII The Queen's Gallery
Houghton Revisited: The Walpole Masterpieces from Catherine The Great's Hermitage  
Humphrey Repton K W Sanecki
Humphrey Repton's Memoirs ed. Gore/Carter
Introduction to Italian Renaissance Painting Cecil Gould
Inventing the English Landscape Tim Richardson
Ireland in Brick and Stone  
Ireland's Painters A. Crookshank and The Knight of Glin DHL
Ireland's Round Towers  
Irish Art to 800 Francoise Henry
Irish Art 800-1020 Francoise Henry
Irish Art 1020-1170 Francoise Henry
Irish Castles H G Leask
Irish Churches and Monastic Buildings, Vols. 2-3 H G Leask
Irish Ecclesiastical Architecture A Champneys
Irish Furniture Knight of Glin/James Peill
Irish Gardens Olda Fitzgerald
Irish Gardens and Demesnes from 1830 Malins/Bowe
Irish-Georgian Society Review 2014 DH  
Irish High Crosses  
Irish Medieval Figure Sculpture Hunt
Irish Watercolours and Drawings Patricia Butler
Italian Baroque Painting Ellis Waterhouse
Italian Painters of the Renaissance B Berenson
Italian Painting Konody/Wilenski
Italian Painting from Perugino to Caravaggio  
Jean-Etienne Lionard: Masterpieces  
Joe Boske - The Works DH  
Joseph Paxton John Anthony
Kame Kale  
Kings in Conflict  
Knockbreda: Its Monuments and People  
Landscape Design in Eighteenth Century Ireland Finola O'Kane
L'Architecture Greque V OLaloux
Larousse Encyclopedia of Prehistoric and Ancient Art  
Larousse Encyclopedia of Byzantine and Medieval Art  
Larousse Encyclopedia of Renaissance and Baroque Art  
Lascaux ou la Naissance de l'Art  
Life in the Irish Country House Mark Bence Jones
Lionardo da Vinci Kenneth Clark
Lionardo da Vinci - 2 volumes Eugene Muntz DHL
Lost Demesnes: Irish Landscape Gardening 1660-1845 E Malins/Knight of Glin
Lost Garden of Albion Paul Newman
Louis le Brocquy: Portrait Heads  
Man and The Landscape in Ireland F. Arlen DHL
Masterpieces of British Art  
Medieval Palaces G D Keevill
Medieval Panorama ed. R Bartlett
Medieval Religious Houses Gwynn/Hadcock
Michelangelo Rolf Schott
Michelangelo Vols. 1-2  
Milton's Views of Dublin  
Mycene Epidauros S E Iakovidis
National Palace of Culture Visual Arts
Notes on St. Nicholas Dundalk H G Tempest
One Hundred Greatest Paintings The Folio Society
On Other Grounds: Landscape Gardening and Nationalism in Eighteenth Century England and France B Wellman-Aron
Oxford Dictionary of Art DHL
Painting Ireland: Topographical Views from Glin Castle
Pictures from Ulster Houses
Pompeii Herculaneum
Pope: the Poet and the Landscape M Batey
Portraits of Sir Joshua Reynolds ed. F W Hilles DH
Regency Portrait Painter Douglas Goldring
Renoir: his life, art and letters B Ehrlich White
Rococo - Art and Design in Hogarth's England
Roman and Etruscan Painting Arturo Stenico
Roman Art and Architecture Mortimer Wheeler
Romanesque Feierabend
Royal Treasures of Sweden 1550-1700
Sacred Earth, Sacred Stones Molyneux/Vitebsky/
Scottish Houses and Gardens Malins/Bowe
Seventeenth Century Italian Drawings in The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Shell Guide to Reading the Irish Landscape
Shorter Atlas of the Classical World
Sir John Lavery Kenneth McConkey
Sotheby's Art at Auction Vols. 1-14, 1981-2001
Spanish Painting Gotthard Jedlicka
Splendours of the Roman World Liberati/Bourbon
Spring Exhibition 1963 of Flemish, Dutch and Italian Old Masters
Stowe - House and School
Stubbs 1724-1806
Studies in North Africa C Fletcher Grant
Temples of Delight: Stowe Landscape Gardens J M Robinson
The Art of George Stubbs Venetia Morrison
The Art of the Renaissance in Northern Europe Otto Benish
The Art of the Sikh Kingdoms Susan Stronge
The Dresden Gallery Henner Metz
The Age of Baroque
The Arcadian friends Tim Richardson
The Art of Florence, Vols. 1-2 Andres/Hunisak/Turner
The Art of Tantra Philip Rawson
The Art of the West: Gothic Art Henri Focillon
The Best of Beardsley
The Big House in Ireland J Genet
The Big House in Ireland Valerie Pakenham
The British Country House in the Eighteenth Century C Christie
The Brocas Collection P. Butler
The Buried City R B Bandinelli
The Civilisation of the Middle Ages N E Cantor
The Cries of Dublin: Drawn from the Life of Hugh Douglas Hamilton 1760
The Decline of the Big House in Ireland Terence Dooley
The Decorated Style 1240-1360 N Goldstream
The Drawings of Watteau Malcolm Cormack
The English Spa 1560-1815 Hembry
The Essential Horse ed. Bracegirdle/Connor
The Exiled Collector Anne Sebba
The Face in Western Art John Brophy
The Fall and Rise of the Stately Home P Mandler
The Florentine Portrait Jean Alezard
The Florentine Renaissance The Folio Society
The Flowering of Ireland Katherine Sherman
The Flowering of the Renaissance The Folio Society
The Follies and Garden Buildings of Ireland Howley
The Garden at Highgrove
The Gate Lodges of Ulster J A K Dean
The Genius of Venice 1500-1600
The Glass in St. Mary's Church Shrewbury J E Hunt
The Gold of the Pharaohs H Stierlin
The Gothic Cathedralsof France P Clemen
The Gothic Image Emile Mell
The Greater Anglo-Saxon Churches E A Fisher
The Greek Museums
The Greeks D E Limebeer
The Heritage of Holy Cross G Carville
The Horizon Book of The Renaissance
The House on the Ridge of the Weir H O'Sullivan
The Houses of Ireland de Breffney/ffolliott
The Human Figure in Motion Muybridge
The Ideology of The Traitor: Art Manner and Mannerism A B Oliva
The IrishCountry House Knight of Glin/James Peill The Irish Country House
The Irish Impressionists Irish National Gallery
The Late Renaissance and Mannerism Linda Murray
The Lost Houses of Ireland R MacDonnell
The Making of the English Landscape W G Hoskins
The Medieval Castles of Ireland Sweetman
The Megalithic European Julian Cope
The Monastic Achievement G Zarnecki
The Monuments of Italy, Vols. 1-6 M Oppenheimer
The Nude Kenneth Clark
The Old Churches of London G Cobb
The Origins of the Gothic Revival McCarthy
The Oxford Companion to Western Art Brigstocke
The Palace of The Sun: Le Louvre of Louis XV Berger
The Palladian Ideal Rykwert/Schezen
The Phaidon Companion to Art and Artists in The British Isles
The Pharaohs Master Builders H Stierlin
The Rediscovery of Greece F M Tsigakon
The Renaissance in Europe The Folio Society
The Renaissance Tombs at Lusk and Newtown Trim James M Jocelyn
The Rijksmuseum and other Dutch Museums R van Luttervelt
The Rise and Fall of the Medieval Monastery The Folio Society
The Romanesque X B I Altet
The Romantics and The British Landscape S. Hebron DHL
The Sculptures of the Parthenon P E Corbett
The Stones of Venice John Ruskin
The Story of Millifont Rev Fr Comcille
The Tory View of Landscape Everett
The Times Architecture of the World
The Treasurey: A Guide to the Exhibition 2012
The World of Impressionists Francois Mathey
The World's Greatest Wonders
Thomas Eakins Rediscovered Foster
Thomas Hearne and His Landscape David Morris
To Have and To Hold Philip Blom
Tollymore - The story of an Irish Demesne The Earl of Roden DC
Travel and Discovery in the Renaissance The Folio Society
Treasures of Early Irish Art The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Treasures of Catherine The Great
Treasures of the National Museum of Ireland P F Wallace/R O'Floinn
Trumpet at a Distant Gate Mowl/Earnshaw
Vanishing Country Houses of Ireland Knight of Glin/Griffin/Robinson
Vasari's Lives of The Painters
Vaux-le-Vicomte J M P de Montclos
Venice - history, art, industries and modern life Charles Yriarte DHL
Victorian Britain and Ireland Anderson/Schultz
Vitruvius: The Ten Books on Architecture
World Architecture
World Famous Paintings
In Search of Rex Whistler, his life and work Hugh and Mirabel Cecil DHL
The Laughter and The Urn, Rex Whistler's biography Laurence Whistler DHL
Night Thoughts of A Country Landlady, drawings Rex Whistler Edith Oliver DHL
A Village in a Valley, drawings by Rex Whistler Beverly Nichols DHL
Down the Garden Path, drawings by Rex Whistler Beverly Nichols DHL
A Thatched Roof, drawings by Rex Whistler Beverly Nichols DHL
The New Keepsake, essays and stories, with drawings by Rex Whistler Various DHL
The Masque of Christmas - monographs and drawings on theatre by Rex Whistler Laurence Whistler DHL
An Anthology of Mine: favourite poems selected and Illustrated by Rex Whistler DHL Rex Whistler DHL
Aha, poems by Laurence Whistler with drawings by Rex Whistler DHL Rex Whistler DHL
Oho, Armed October, poems by Laurence Whistler with drawings by Rex Whistler DHL Rex Whistler DHL
Rex Whistler, his life and drawings Laurence Whistler DHL
The Last of Uptake, illustrated by Rex Whistler Simon Harcourt-Smith DHL
Rex Whistler: The Triumph of Fancy, catalogue of his first full-scale exhibition DHL  
Rex Whistler's War 1039-44: Artist Into Tank Commander, catalogue by Jenny Spencer-Smith DHL Jenny Spencer-Smith DHL
In Pursuit of Rare Meats: Rex Whistler's mural in Tate Britain's restaurant. DHL  
The Masque: Designs for Theatre Rex Whistler DHL
A Traveller's Companion: anthology illustrated by Rex Whistler DHL Rex Whistler DHL


Title Author Key
Against the Tide Noel Brown DHL
A King's Story HRH The Duke of Windsor
Another Way of Life Lydia de Burgh DH
A Regency Chapter: Lady Bessborough and her friendships Ethel Colburn Mayne
Aristocrats: Caroline, Emily, Louisa and Sarah Lennox, 1740-1832 Stella Tillyard DH
Citizen Lord Edward Fitzgerald 1763-1798 " DH
A Royal Affair: George III and his troublesome siblings " DH
A Seventeenth Century Man of Many Parts 1605-79 John Bellew
A Story Half Told, autobiography Anita Leslie DH
The Gilt and the Gingerbread, d:o " DH
Becoming the Tree, overcoming acute leukaemia Jill Teck WWA
Bismarck - the man and the statesman A J P Taylor
Catherine the Great Robert K Massie DH
Churchill Roy Jenkins
Daughter of France: the life of Mme de Montpensier 1627-91 Vita Sackville West
Diana Mosley: Mitford Beauty, British Fascist, Hitler's Angel Anne de Courcy
Disraeli Andre Maurois
Earl Bishop of Derry
Emily Duchess of Leinster Brian Fitzgerald DH
Father Dolly, the Guardsman Monk - Memoirs of the Famous Irish Guards Chaplain in WWII DHL
Fighting Fitzgerald, duellist and contemporary of Humanity Dick Mary MacCarthy DHL
Florence Nightingale Cecil Woodham Smith
Fortune's Daughters: the extravagant lives of the Jerome sisters Elisabeth Kehoe DH
Gannibal Hugh Barnes
George VI Hector Bolitho
Henrietta Maria Carola Oman
Ho Chi Min W. Duiker DHL
Humanity Dick - Dick Martin, once owner of Ballynahinch Castle
Duellist and Founder of the RSPCA DHL Shewan Lynam DHL
Humanity Dick Peter Philips
In Reverse Cynthia Aked WWA
In the Name of the Father Isabella Rossellini WWA
Jennie - the life of Lady Randolph Churchill Anita Leslie DH
King Charles II Antonia Fraser
King Edward VII Sir Sidney Lee
King Edward VII E F Benson
Lady Londonderry Frances Anne
Lady Palmerston and Her Times, Vols. 1-2 Mabel, Countess of Airlie
La Grande Mademoiselle, biography of Mme de Montpensier Francis Steegmuller DH
Desmond Leslie Robert O'Byrne
Life of Frederick Courtenay Selos DSO J G Millais
Lonsdale Hugh Lowther
Lord Edward Fitzgerald Patrick Byrne DH
Louis XVI and Marie Antionette Before the Revolution Nesta H Webster
Machiavelli J H Whitfield
Madame Pompadour Nancy Mitford
Major D M (John) Kennedy M C - A Tribute Robert Jocelyn
Marie-Therese - the fate of Marie Antionette's daughter Susan Nagel DH
Melbourne Lord David Cecil
Michael and Natasha - the life and love of the last tsar of Russia Rosemary & Donald Crawford
Montaillou E Leroy Ladurie
Mountbatten Philip Ziegler WW
Mrs Robinson's Disgrace: The Private Diary of a Victorian Lady Kate Summersea l
My Life Ingrid Bergman/Alan Burgess WWA trsl. Ann Henning  
My Father, the Prince (Prince Milo of Montenegro M Petrovic-Njegos Thompson DH
Never a Dull Moment John Millard
No Turn Unstoned Diana Rigg
Pavilions of the Heart Lesley Blanch
Pepys - a biography Richard Ollard
Peter Finch Trader Faulkner WWA
Nicholas and Alexandra: the tragic, compelling story of the last tsar and his family Robert K Massie DH
Peter The great - his life and world  
Queen Elizabeth J E Neale
Queen Victoria Lytton Strachey
Ranji Alan Ross
The Romanovs - the final chapter Robert K Massie DH
Ranji - Maharadja of Connemara i Anne Chambers DH
Seventy Years Young Elizabeth, Countess of Fingal WWA
Steve Jobs Walter Isaacson EW
Team of Rivals - the political genius of Abraham Lincoln Doris Kearns Godwin
Telling Lives. Brief biographies from Yeats to Chatwin ed. Alistair Horne DHL
That Great Lucifer: a portrait of Sir Walter Ralegh Margaret Irwin
Thatched with Gold; the memoirs of Mabell Countess of Airlie DH
The Dalai Lama of Tibet, My Land and People Dalai Lama DHL
The Game of Hearts Lesley Blanch dh
The Initials in The heart - The story of his five year marriage
to Jill Furser, actress and poet Laurence Whistler DHL
The Last Knight - a tribute to Desmond Fitzgerald Robert O'Byrne DH
The Life and Times of Grigori Rasputin Alex de Jonge DH
The Life of Francis Drake A F W Mason
The Life of Oscar Wilde Hesketh Pearson DHL
The Life of Sir Alexander Fleming - discoverer of penicillin Andr'e Maurois
The Memoirs of Mrs Leeson, Madam ed. Mary Lyons
The Moon's a Balloon David Niven WW
The Nun of Lebanon Ian Bruce
The Other Victoria; the Princess Royal and
the Great Game of Europe Andrew Sinclair DH
The Sabres of Paradise Lesley Blanch
The Sword Dance: Lady Sarah Lennox and the Napiers Priscilla Napier DH
The Unlikely Hero - George Robertson of
The North West Frontier and The Siege of Bhitral Dorothy Anderson DHL
The Wilder Shores of Love Lesley Blanch DH
Tragedy in The Caucasus, a biography of Mikhail Lermontov Laurence Kelly DHL
Undefeated Marsha Hunt WWA


Title Author
A Fairy Tale Treasure Trove ill. John Patience DC
All About Me DC
Animal Antics DC
Baby Talk DC
Bathtime DC
Bedtime Rhymes DC
Book of Dinosaurs
Bruin - no pudding in the tree-house DC
Cars DC
Children's Illustrated Encyclopaedia
Country Scrapbook for Boys and Girls
Dear Zoo DC
Den stora boken omTan Grön, Tant Brun och Tant Gredelin (Swedish) DC
Der Neue Welt Atlas fur Kinder (German) DC
Diggers and Dumpers DC
Dinosaurs DC
Djur och djurungar (Swedish) DC
Fireman Sam and the Birthday Cake DC
Fireman Sam and the Flood DC
Flight, Flyers and Flying Machines
Flower Fairies of the Spring DC
Flower Fairies of the Summer DC
Flower Fairies of the Winter DC
Goldilock and the Seven Bears DC
Hansel and Gretel DC
Horrible Histories of World War I
How to Take Your Photographs
La Journee du Petit Chien (French) DC
Little Red Riding Hood DC
My First Word Book DC
My Science Book of Light DC
My Story Time Treasury DC
One Day at Playgroup DC
Our World 2000
Paddington's 123 DC
Paddington's ABC DC
Paddington's Opposites DC
Percy and the Postman DC
Puss in Boots DC
Quiz Book
Santa's Workshop DC
Saving Wildlife DC
People, Places and Things (2 vols.)
Ships, Sailors and the Sea
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs DC
Sorting DC
Sport to Colour DC
The Lion King DC
The Little Red Hen DC
The Little Red Tractor to the Rescue DC
The Little Tin Soldier DC
The Modern Encyclopaedia for Children
The Orchard Book of Nursery Stories DC
The Oxford Treasury of Classic Poems
The Princess and the Pea DC
The Sleeping Beauty DC
The Ugly Duckling DC
Thomas and the Bad Dog DC
Treasury of Fairy Tales DC
Twenty Animal Stories
World Wide Adventures
Bye Bye Baby Janet and Allan Ahlberg
Little Woman Louisa M Alcott
Mr Archimedes' Bath DC Pamela Allen
Monkey Tricks DC Camilla Ashford
James and the Balloons DC C Awdry/K Stott
The oral Island R M Ballantyne
Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens J M Barrie
Adam's Amazing Space Adventure DC Benji Bennett
Lorna Doone DH R D Blackmore
Five Go To Smugglers' Top Enid Blyton
Five on a Treasure Island Enid Blyton
Five Go Of in a Caravan Enid Blyton
Five Run Away Together Enid Blyton
Five Get into Trouble Enid Blyton
Five Have a Wonderful Time Enid Blyton
Five have plenty of Fun Enid Blyton
Five Go Down to Sea Enid Blyton
Five Go to Mystery Moor Enid Blyton
Five Have a Mystery to Solve Enid Blyton
Five Go to Demons Rocks Enid Blyton
Five on Finniston Farm Enid Blyton
The Castle of Adventure Enid Blyton
The Ship of Adventure Enid Blyton
Good Work, Secret Seven Enid Blyton
Puzzle for Secret Seven Enid Blyton
Good Old Secret Seven Enid Blyton
Fun For Secret Seven Enid Blyton
The Secret Seven Go Haunting Enid Blyton
Look Out, Secret Seven Enid Blyton
The Secret of the Old Mill Enid Blyton
Second Form at St Clare's Enid Blyton
The Mystery of the Strange Bundle Enid Blyton
The Mystery of the Invisible Thief Enid Blyton
The Mystery of the Strange Messages Enid Blyton
The Mystery of Banshee Towers Enid Blyton
The Mystery of the Burnt Cottage Enid Blyton
The Mystery of the Disappearing Cat Enid Blyton
The Rilloby Fair Mystery Enid Blyton
First Term at Malory Towers Enid Blyton
Third Year at Mallory Towers Enid Blyton
Never Never Make a Fuss DC E. Boles
Inmates of My House and Garden Mrs Brightwen
Babar and Father Christmas DC Jean de Brunhoff
Babar En härlig dag (Swedish) DC Jean de Brunhoff
Babar The Pilot DC Jean de Brunhoff
The Thirty-Nine Steps John Buchan
The Very Hungry Caterpillar DC Eric Carle
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Lewis Carroll
Pinocchio Carlo Collodi
Under the Hawthorn Tree Marita Conlon-McKenna
What Katy Did Susan Coolidge
What Katy Did Next Susan Coolidge
What Can Rabbit See DC Lucy Cousins
Postman Pat Annual 1994 DC J Cunliffe/J Hickson
Postman Pat's Lost Hat DC J Cunliffe/J Hickson
The Fantastic Mr Fox Roald Dahl
The Singing Cave Eilis Dillon
The Coriander Eilis Dillon
The Seekers Eilis Dillon
The Three Musketeers Alexandre Dumas
Birds Beasts and Relatives DC Gerald Durrell
Igelkottavästen (Swedish) DC M Fagerberg
The Last of the Mohicans J Fenimore Cooper
The Moving Stair DC Gabriel Fitzmaurice
The Boy Who Sailed with Columbus DC Michael Foreman
The Small Miracle Paul Gallico
Monty's Journey DC Paul Geraghty
The Doubtful Guest Edward Gorey
Dust and The Curious Boy Peter Graaf
The Wind in the Willows DC Kenneth Grahame
The Adventures of Sanjo and the Beaver People "Grey Owl”
Orlando the Marmalade Cat - A Camping Holiday DC Kathleen Hale
Children's Letters to God S Hample/E Marshall
Grandma Grandpa and Me S Hample/E Marshall
Honeylove the Bearcub Ann Henning Jocelyn
The Connemara Whirlwind Ann Henning Jocelyn
The Connemara Stallion Ann Henning Jocelyn
The Connemara Champion Ann Henning Jocelyn
Hoot Carl Hiaasen
Spike and the Professor Tony Hickey
Spike, The Professor and Doreen Tony Hickey
Mouse and the Lemon Boy DC Tony Hickey
Spot's first Christmas DC Eric Hill
Spot goes to the circus DC Eric Hill
Spot goes to the farm DC Eric Hill
Spot's birthday party DC Eric Hill
Spot's alphabet DC Eric Hill
Lots of Things To Do DC Hindley, Bastyra and King
Little Lord Fauntleroy Frances Hodgson Burnett
The Secret Garden Frances Hodgson Burnett
Stormbreaker Anthony Horowitz
Skeleton Key Anthony Horowitz
Laugh and Learn Jenneth Humphries
The Voyage to Vineland Wray Hunt
Rosie's Walk DC Pat Hutchins
Mossflower Brian Jacques
Mattiweb Brian Jacques
Redwall Brian Jacques
Outcast of Redwall Brian Jacques
Martin the Warrior Brian Jacques
The Legend of Luke Brian Jacques
Pearls of Lutra Brian Jacques
The Taggerund Brian Jacques
The Long Patrol Brian Jacques
Castaways of the Flying Dutchman Brian Jacques
Three Menin a Boat Jerome K Jerome
The Colour Dance DC Ann Jones
The Water Babies DC Charles Kingsley
Just So Stories Rudyard Kipling
The Jungle Book Rudyard Kipling
The Second Jungle Book Rudyard Kipling
Wee Willie Winkie Rudyard Kipling
All the Mowgli Stories Rudyard Kipling
The Light That Failed Rudyard Kipling
The Legends of King Arthur and His Knights Sir James Knowles
The Horse and His Boy C S Lewis
Jul I Bullerbyn (Swedish) DC Astrid Lindgren
The Magic Pudding DC Norman Lindsay
The Grey Goose of Kilnevin DC Patricia Lynch
Attic of the Wind D H Lund ill. A Forberg
Patsy-O Bryan MacMahon
Goodnight Mister Tom Michelle Magorian
The Children of New Forest Captain Marryat
Masterman Ready Captain Marryat
One Morning in May DC Robert McCloskey
Mastrman Ready Captain Marryat
The Swiss Family Robinson Maxwell/Matthew
Anne of Green Gables L M Montgomery
Tiger Nanny Ursula Moray Williams
The Flight of the Earls Michael Mullen
The Little Drummer Boy DC Michael Mullen
To Hell or to Connaught Michael Mullen
The Little Tern B Newman ill. L M Dirkes
The Shadowy Man Eileen O'Faolain
Humpty Dumpty and Other Rhymes DC I Opie/R Wells
Father Christmas and the Donkey DC Jan Ormerod/Clark
Nursery Treasury DC Helen Oxenbury
Professor Paterson's Book of Engaging Birds A S Paterson
Dinnertime Jean Pienkomski
Shadow the Deer DC T Radcliffe/J Butler
Appley Dappley's Nursery Rhymes Beatrix Potter
The Tale of Mrs Tittlemouse Beatrix Potter
The Complete Tales of Beatrix Potter Beatrix Potter
The Subtle Knife Philip Pullman
The Shadow in the North Philip Pullman
The Tiger in the Well Philip Pullman
Great Northern Arthur Ransome
Swallowdale Arthur Ransome
The Wish Factory DC Chris Riddell
Red Bear DC Bodel Rikys
A Child's Book of Animals DC A S Rixon/D McGuinness
Mealtime DC Maureen Roffey
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows J K Rowling
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets J K Rowling
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban J K Rowling
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince J K Rowling
Harry Potter and the Philosophers' Stone J K Rowling
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix J K Rowling
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire J K Rowling
Boats DC Richard Scarry
ABC Wordbook DC Richard Scarry
What do people do all day DC Richard Scarry
Mr Frumble's worst day ever DC Richard Scarry
In a Dark Room and Other Scary Stories DC Schwarz/Zimmer
The Cricket in Times Square George Selden
Tommy Smith's Other Animals Edmund Selons
Happiness Is A Warm Puppy Charles M Schultz
Security Is A Thumb And A Blanket Charles M Schultz
Black Beauty DH DC Anna Sewell
Mr McVicker's Zoo DC Mary Shiel
Le francais pour les jeunes C J Solomon
Pirates David Spence
Treasure Island Robert Louis Stevenson
A Child's Garden of Verses Robert Louis Stevenson
Worried Arthur DC Joan Stimson
Goosebumps R L Stine
Robbers on TV Carolyn Swift
Gulliver's Travels Jonathan Swift ill. Rex Whistler
Twenty Animal Stories Ed. Cyril Swinson
The Siege of Earth Three Dominick Tobin
The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring Tolkien
Stories for Children Leo Tolstoy
A Little Manin England DC Shaun Traynor
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Mark Twain
Lion and Blue DC R Vavra/F Cowles
Kinker Visits the Animal Shelf Ivy L Wallace
Tarka the Otter DH Henry Williamson
Fairy Tales of Ireland W B Yeats


Title Author
False Impressions DC Jeffrey Archer
A Prisoner of Birth EW Jeffrey Archer
Lock Down Sean Black
Hornet's Nest DC Patricia Cornwell
Cause of Death DC Patricia Cornwell
Black Notice EW Patricia Cornwell
Stalking the Angel EW Robert Crais
Casino Royale DH Ian Fleming
The Devil's Alternative DC Frederick Forsyth
For Kicks WWA Dick Francis
Dead Cert EW Dick Francis
In the Frame WWA Dick Francis
Risk WWA Dick Francis
Trial Run WWA Dick Francis
Twice Shy WWA Dick Francis
Whip Hand WWA Dick Francis
Wild Horses WWA Dick Francis
Break In DC Dick Francis
Flying Finish DC Dick Francis
Reflex Dick Francis
A Splash of Red DC Antonia Fraser
Keeping the Dead DC Tess Gerritsen
Blood Count EW Robert Goddard
The Last Juror DC John Grisham
The Partner DC John Grisham
The Testament DC John Grisham
A Painted House DC John Grisham
The Summons EW John Grisham
Red Pawns George Griswold
Das Eiserne Haus (German) DC John Hart
Trap Line DC Carl Hiaasen/Bill Montalbano
Basket Case EW Carl Hiaasen
Lucky You EW Carl Hiaasen
Skinny Dip Carl Hiaasen
Nature Girl Carl Hiaasen
Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow EW Peter Hoeg
Cover Her Face EW P D James
Der Ungeladene Gast (German) DC Sadie Jones
The Job DC Douglas Kennedy
The Big Picture EW Douglas Kennedy
The Long Night J Mayfield
The Hit J Mayfield
The Kalabari Typing School for Men DC Alexander McCall Smith
The Sunday Philosophy Club EW Alexander McCall Smith
Circus Alistair McLean
A Change of Heart Helen McCloy
The Long Night Julian Mayfield
The Hit Julian Mayfield
Death in Cyprus DH MM Kaye
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Stieg Larsson
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy John le Carre
A Change of Heart WWA Helen McCloy
Malpractice Rory McCormac
Playing Dead Rory McCormac
Outbreak Rory McCormac
North From Rome WWA Helen MacInnes
Cue for Murder DC Helen McCloy
Rome, Twelve Noon DC Kenneth MacPherson
Police Jo Nesbo
Down the Garden Path Beverley Nichols
Keeping up with the Kalashnikovs Ross O'Carroll-Kelly
Patrick Quentin Family Skeletons WWA
Ruth Rendell The Monster in the Box DC
Ruth Rendell Not in the Flesh DC
Ruth Rendell Road Rage EW
Laurence Shames Florida Straits DC
Dan Sherman The Prince of Berlin EW
Mark T Sullivan Limit (German) EW
James Twining The Gilded Seal DC
Minette Walters The Sculptress DC


Title Author
Ardele Jean Anouilh
The Frogs and Other Plays Aristophanes
Anne Bullen or Virtue Betrayed Mr Banks
Eugene Grandet Honore Balzac
The Ruling Class Peter Barnes
The Ruling Class Barnteatern vol. V (Swedish)
The Plays of J M Barrie J M Barrie
La Derniere Bande (French) Samuel Beckett
Persona and Shame Ingmar Bergman
Älskare och tjuvar (Swedish) Tristan Bernard
La Prisoniere (French) E Bourdet
The River Jez Butterworth
Portia Coughlan Marina Carr
Plays: Ivanov, The Seagull, Uncle Vanya, Three Chekhov
Sisters, The Cherry Orchard


The Seagull, Uncle Vanya, The Bear, The Proposal Chekhov
A Jubilee Chekhov
Grand National Night Dorothy and Campbell Christie
Move Over, Mrs Markham Ray Cooney/John Chapman
The Visit Friedrich Durrenmatt
Medea and Other Plays Euripides
Två komedier (Swedish) WWA Per Gunnar Evander
I Do Not Like Thee, Doctor Fell Bernard Farrell
The Girl On the Sofa Jon Fosse
Plays, vol. 2 WWA Jon Fosse
Plays, vol. 4 WWA Jon Fosse
Teaterstykke 1 (Norwegian) Jon Fosse
Teaterstykke 2 (Norwegian) Jon Fosse
Philadelphia, Here I Come Brian Friel
Siegfried Jean Giradoux
Doonreagan Ann Henning Jocelyn
Jeppe Paa Bierget (Danish) Ludvig Holberg
The Life and Death of Adolf Hitler George Hulme
Brand Henrik Ibsen
Ghosts and Other Plays Henrik Ibsen
ed. Ingvar Holm I en akt (Swedish)
Plays vols. 2 - 9 Eugene Ionesco
Sports Play Elfriede Jelinek
Sophie Lemasson
The Beauty Queen of Leenane Martin MacDonagh
The Power of Darkness John McGahern
A Macbeth Charles Marowitz
Murdering Marlowe Charles Marowitz
Death of a Salesman Arthur Miller
A View From the Bridge Arthur Miller
Efter Syndafallet (Swedish) Arthur Miller
All My Sons Arthur Miller
Tre Skådespel (Swedish) Lars Noren
Five One Act Plays Seán O'Casey
Nine Plays by Eugene O'Neill Eugene O'Neill
Savoy Eugene O'Brien
Luther John Osborne
The Pot of Gold and Other Plays Plautus
Fedra (Swedish) Racine
Fem dramer (Swedish) Jean Paul Sartre
A Midsummer Night's Dream William Shakespeare
The Merchant of Venice William Shakespeare
Love's Labour's Lost William Shakespeare
Macbeth William Shakespeare
The Complete Works of Shakespeare William Shakespeare
Amadeus Peter Shaffer
Plays Pleasant Bernard Shaw
Heartbreak House Bernard Shaw
Selected One Act Plays vol. 2 Bernard Shaw
The School for Scandal Richard Sheridan
Six Elizabethan Plays Richard Sheridan
The Theban Plays Sophocles
Antigone (German) Sophocles
trsl. Robert Eagles The Three Theban Plays Sophocles
trsl. Paul Roche The Oedipus Plays Sophocles
Park Avenue Cat Frank Strausser
Miss Julie August Strindberg
Fröken Julie (Swedish) August Strindberg
Master Olof, Gustav Vasa, The Saga of the Folkungs August Strindberg
The Complete Works DHL J M Synge
The Leopold Shakespeare J M Synge
Under Milk Wood Dylan Thomas
The Man of Mode by Etherege, The Country Wife by Wycherley, Love for Love by Congreve Three Restoration Comedies:
Plays Oscar Wilde
The Picture of Dorian Gray Oscar Wilde
Four Plays Oscar Wilde
The Complete Works of Oscar Wilde Oscar Wilde
A Streetcar Named Desire Tennessee Williams
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Tennessee Williams


Title Author
Twelve White Nights Andre Acimen
Watership Down EW Richard Adams
Hunger's Brides DC Paul Anderson
The Bridge on the Drina Ivo Andric
Good Wives Louisa M Alcott
The Complete Fairy Tales H C Andersen
The New York Trilogy DC Paul Aster
When Will There Be Good News EW Kate Atkinson
Northanger Abbey Jane Austen
Emma Jane Austen
Mansfield Park Jane Austen
Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen
Sense and Sensibility Jane Austen
Domestic Peace Honore Balzac
Cousin Bette Honore Balzac
Injury Time DC Beryl Bainbridge
Another Country DC James Baldwin
The Book of Evidence John Banville
Birchwood DHL John Banville
Athena John Banville
The Untouchable DH John Banville
The Eye In the Door DHL Pat Barker
Flaubert's Parrot Julian Barnes
Brief Gaudy Hour Margaret C Barnes
From the City to the Plough Alexander Baron
Walk in a Lost Landscape DC Sheila Barrett
A Long Journey EW Sebastian Barry
The Four Beauties DHL H E Bates
The Jacaranda Tree DH H E Bates
The Golden Oriole DHL H E Bates
The Cruise of the Breadwinner and Dear Life DHL H E Bates
The Poacher DHL H E Bates
The Song of the Wren DHL H E Bates
The Yellow Meades of Asphodel DHL H E Bates
The Darling Buds of May DHL H E Bates
When the Green Woods Laugh DHL H E Bates
The Fallow Land DHL H E Bates
The Country of White Clover DHL H E Bates
The Feast of July DHL H E Bates
The Nature of Love DHL H E Bates
Dulcima DHL H E Bates
A Moment in Time DHL H E Bates
Oh To Be In England! DHL H E Bates
The Purple Plain DHL H E Bates
Charlotte's Row DHL H E Bates
The Grapes of Paradise DHL H E Bates
The Jacaranda Tree DHL H E Bates
The Scarlet Sword DHL H E Bates
The Distant Horns of Summer DHL H E Bates
The Sleepless Moon DHL H E Bates
Death of a Huntsman DHL H E Bates
Country Life DHL H E Bates
A Breath of French Air DHL H E Bates
The Fabulous Mrs V. DHL H E Bates
Seven by Five DHL H E Bates
The Vanished World DHL H E Bates
The Blossoming World DHL H E Bates
My Uncle Silas DHL H E Bates
In the Heart of the Country DHL H E Bates
A Crown of Wild Myrtle DHL H E Bates
A Woman of My Age Nina Bawden
Schmidt Delivered DHL Louis Begley
The Dean's December Saul Bellow
The Old Wives' Tale Alan Bennett
Mirror Mirror Margareta Bergman
A Woman's Age Rachel Billington
Coronet Among the Weeds Charlotte Bingham
Journey Into the Mind's Eye DH Lesley Blanch
Ashes in the Wind Christopher Bland
Out of Africa/Anecdotes of Destiny DHL Karen Blixen
A Sheltering Sky DHL Paul Boules
The Last September DHL Elizabeth Bowen
The Death of the Heart DHL Elizabeth Bowen
The Collected Stories of Elizabeth Bowen DHL Elizabeth Bowen
The Heat Of the Day DHL Elizabeth Bowen
Pictures and Conversations DHL Elizabeth Bowen
A World of Love DHL Elizabeth Bowen
Restless DC William Boyd
The Women T C Boyle
Why Come to Slater DC Malcolm Bradbury
The Organ-maker's Wife DC Paul Britten Austin
Vilette Charlotte Bronta
Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronta
Wuthering Heights Emily Bronta
A Closed Eye DHL Anita Brookner
A Family Romance DHL Anita Brookner
Family and Friends EW Anita Brookner
Look at Me EW Anita Brookner
A Misalliance EW Anita Brookner
The da Vinci Code DC Dan Brown
English Saga Arthur Bryant
The White Guard Mikhail Bulgakov
Irish Ghost Stories Patrick Byrne
Adam, One Afternoon Italo Calvino
The First Man DHL Albert Camus
The Fall Albert Camus
The Plague Albert Camus
The Outsider Albert Camus
Breakfast at Tiffany's Truman Capote
Oscar and Lucinda Peter Carey
The Magic Lantern Robert Carson
Don Quixote Cervantes
Amenable Woman DC Maris Cheek
Girl with A Pearl Earring Tracey Chevalier
The Master of Petersburg DHL J M Coetzee
Disgrace J M Coetzee
Slow Man DHL J M Coetzee
Julie de Carneilhan and Chance Acquaintances DHL Colette, trsl, Patrick Leigh Fermor
The Thousand and One Mornings DC Colette
The Stories of Colette Colette
Jezebel's Daughter DHL Wilkie Collins
The Moonstone Wilkie Collins
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes WW Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
The White Company Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
The Mirror of the Sea Joseph Conrad
Adolphe Benjamin Constant
Complete Tales of The Unexpected Roald Dahl
Storm of Time Eleanor Dark
Robinson Crusoe Daniel Defoe
Le Taxi Mauve(French) DH Michel Deon
Good Intentions Agnes Desartes
Five Photos of My Wife DC Agnes Desartes
Dora Polly Devlin
The Old Curiosity Shop Charles Dickens
Barnaby Rudge Charles Dickens
David Copperfield 1-2 Charles Dickens
Babette's Feast Isac Dinesen
Crime and Punishment Fyodor Dostoyevsky
The Devils Fyodor Dostoyevsky
South Wind Norman Douglas
Paula Spencer DC Roddy Doyle
Dead Man Talking Roddy Doyle
The Barrytown Trilogy Roddy Doyle
The Three Musketeers Alexandre Dumas
Twenty Years After Alexandre Dumas
Tales of St. Columba Eileen Dunlop
An Inconvenient Woman EW Dominick Dunne
The Fourth Book of Jorkens, stories DHL Lord Dunsany
The King of Elfland's Daughter DHL Lord Dunsany
The Strange Journeys of Colonel Polders DHL Lord Dunsany
Up In the Hills DHL Lord Dunsany
The Alexandria Quartet DHL Laurence Durrell
The Dark Labyrinth DHL Laurence Durrell
Prospero's Cell DHL Laurence Durrell
Quinx DHL Laurence Durrell
Monsieur DHL Laurence Durrell
Livia DHL Laurence Durrell
Sebastian DHL Laurence Durrell
Constance DHL Laurence Durrell
Tune DHL Laurence Durrell
Bitter Lemons Laurence Durrell
The Island of the Day Before DH Umberto Eco
Speak to Me of Love DC Dorothy Eden
The Mill on the Floss George Eliot
Adam Bede George Eliot
Scenes of Clerical Life, Vols. 1-2 George Eliot
Romola George Eliot
The Black Tulip George Eliot
The Bequest EW John de Falbe
Thy Tears Might Cease Michael Farrell
Spartacus Howard Fast
The Year of the French Thomas Flanagan
The Unvanquished DHL William Faulkner
The Sound and the Fury/As I Lay Dying EW William Faulkner
On Green Dolphin Street EW Sebastian Faulks
A Week in December Sebastian Faulks
Seal Morning DH Rowena Faure
The Great Gatsby DH F Scott Fitzgerald
The Year of The French Thomas Flanagan
Madame Bovary Gustave Flaubert
Truth His Sleeping Bryan Forbes
The New Granta Book of the American Short Story Ed. Richard Ford
The Sports Writer Richard Ford
A Room with A View E M Forster
Le Grand Meaulnes Alain Fournier
The Gods Are Athirst Anatole France
Towards the End of the Morning DC Michael Frayn
Spies DC Michael Frayn
Hanna's Daughters Marianne Fredriksson
Oh Sylvia DC Dawn French
Distant Relations EW Carlos Fuentes
Spies of the Balkans DC Alan Furst
Birdmen of Alcatraz Thomas E Gaddis
The Snow Goose DH Paul Gallico & Peter Scott
Thomasina Paul Gallico
Maid in Waiting DHL John Galsworthy
Swansong DHL John Galsworthy
Over the River DHL John Galsworthy
The Man of Property DHL John Galsworthy
The Silver Spoon DHL John Galsworthy
The White Monkey DHL John Galsworthy
To Let DHL John Galsworthy
Flowering Wilderness DHL John Galsworthy
In Chancery DHL John Galsworthy
Family Affairs DC Catherine Gaskin
The Lynmara Legacy Catherine Gaskin
The Property of A Gentleman Catherine Gaskin
The Summer of the Spanish Woman Catherine Gaskin
Fiona EW Catherine Gaskin
Edge of Glass EW Catherine Gaskin
All Else Is Folly EW Catherine Gaskin
A Falcon for A Queen Catherine Gaskin
The Autobiography of Henry VIII Margaret George
Dear Michael DC Natalie Ginzberg
The Book of Giuliano Sansevero Andrea Giovene
Sansevero 1 and 2 WW Andrea Giovene
The Sicilian Fisherman Lorenzo Giovene
Memoirs of A Geisha Arthur Golden
Lord of the Flies William Golding
The Vicar of Wakefield Oliver Goldsmith
My Childhood DC Gorky
Cordelia DHL Winston Graham
Count Belisarius Robert Graves
The Captain and the Enemy DHL Graham Greene
Travels With My Aunt DHL EW Graham Greene
The Power and the Glory DHL Graham Greene
The Heart of the Matter DHL Graham Greene
May We Borrow Your Husband DHL Graham Greene
The Shout and Other Stories DHL Graham Greene
A Gun For Sale DHL Graham Greene
Doctor Fischer of Geneva or The Bomb Party DHL Graham Greene
The Tenth Man DHL Graham Greene
Monsignor Quixote DHL Graham Greene
The Comedians DHL Graham Greene
Stamboul Train DHL Graham Greene
The Quiet American Graham Greene
The Other Boleyn Girl Philippa Gregory
The Boleyn Inheritance Philippa Gregory
Skipping Christmas DC John Grisham
Red Pawns George Griswold
The All of It Jeanette Haien
Matters of Chance Jeanette Haien
Surrogate City DHL Hugo Hamilton
Far From the Madding Crowd DHL Thomas Hardy
Tess of the d'Urbervilles Thomas Hardy
A Discovery of Witches EW Deborah Harkness
Crown in Candlelight R Harley Jarman
The King's Grey Mare DH R Harley Jarman
Chocolat Joanne Harris
One Day as A Tiger Anne Haverty
Forecourt Katy Hayes
For Whom the Bell Tolls DHL Ernest Hemingway
The Fifth Column DH Ernest Hemingway
The Old Man and the Sea DHL Ernest Hemingway
Across the River and Into the Trees DHL Ernest Hemingway
Islands In the Stream DHL Ernest Hemingway
Men Without Women Ernest Hemingway
Orange and Green C A Henty
With Clive in India C A Henty
A Bell For Adano John Hersey
It Shouldn't Happen to a Vet EW James Herriot
Unbroken DC Laura Hillenbrand
Borderliners DC Peter Hoeg
Lost in Translation EW Eva Hoffman
Basil Street Blues Michael Holroyd
Optical Illusions DC Philip Hook
How To Be Good EW Nick Hornby
About A Boy Nick Hornby
Tom Browne's Schooldays Thomas Hughes
Lily B Fanny Hurst
What I Loved Siri Hustved
No Time for Sergeants Mac Hyman
Sara Heather Ingman
Goodbye to Berlin Christopher Isherwood
The Remains of the Day EW Kazuo Ishiguro
Nocturnes Kazuo Ishiguro
The Europeans Henry James
The Golden Bowl Henry James
Call Girl Joanne James
Man of Brittany Selvyn James
Blood Knots Luke Jennings
For One Season Only Mrs Robert Jocelyn
Run to Ground Mrs Robert Jocelyn
Drawn Blank Mrs Robert Jocelyn
The Criton Hunt mystery Mrs Robert Jocelyn
Tree of Smoke DC Denis Johnson
Atalanta Fred Johnston
This Is Not A Novel Jennifer Johnston
The Gingerbread Man Jennifer Johnston
How Many Miles to Babylon Jennifer Johnston
Shadows on Our Skin Jennifer Johnston
The Gates Jennifer Johnston
The Old Jest Jennifer Johnston
Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man James Joyce
The Perfect Stranger DHL P J Kavanagh
Finding Connections DHL P J Kavanagh
Report to Greco DHL Nikos Kazantzakas
Zorba the Greek DHL Nikos Kazantzakas
In My Father's Time Eamon Kelly
Towards Azmara Thomas Keneally
Original Bliss EW A L Kennedy
Irish Fireside Folk Tales Patrick Kennedy
The Penguin Bok of Short Stories Ed. Benedict Kiely
Eothan A W Kinglake
La Lacuna DC Barbnara Kingsolver
Just So Stories Rudyard Kipling
Captain Courageous Rudyard Kipling
Debits and Credits Rudyard Kipling
Departmental Ditties Rudyard Kipling
Kim Rudyard Kipling
Letter of Travel 1892-1913 Rudyard Kipling
Plain Tales from the Hills Rudyard Kipling
Puck of Pooks Hill Rudyard Kipling
Sea Warfare Rudyard Kipling
Soldiers Three and Other Stories Rudyard Kipling
Stalky & Co. Rudyard Kipling
Stories Rudyard Kipling
The Czar's Madman DH Jaan Kross
Masterpiece Library of Short Stories, Vols. 1-6, 9-10, 13-20.  
The Unbearable Lightness of Being Milan Kundera
The Joke Milan Kundera
A Revolutionary Gentleman Lafayette
The Essays of Elia Charles Lamb
The Debt to Pleasure DC John Lanchester
Lady Chatterley's Lover D H Laurence
St. Mawr DH D H Laurence
The Women Who Rode Away DH D H Laurence
Selected Stories Mary Lavin
The Patriot Son WW Mary Lavin
To Kill A Mocking-bird Harper Lee
I Can't Stay Long DHL Laurie Lee
As I Walk Out on a Midsummer's Morning DHL Laurie Lee
Cider With Rosie DHL Laurie Lee
The Violins of St. Jacques DHL Patrick Leigh Fermor
A Hero Of Our Time DHL Mikhail Lermontov
A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian Marina Lewycka
The Names DC Don de Lillo
Sealskin Trousers and Other Stories DHL Eric Linklater
Moon Tiger Penelope Lively
Passing on Penelope Lively
Judgement Day Penelope Lively
A Few Flowers for Shiner Richard Llewellyn
Out of the Shelter David Lodge
Small World David Lodge
The British Museum is Falling Down David Lodge
Changing Places EW David Lodge
Iceland Fisherman DHL Pierre Lofi
Legends and Tales of Ireland Lover & Croker
The Whale Road DC Robert Low
Under the Avalanche Anne McCabe
Death and Nightingales Eugene McCabe
Let the Great World Spin Colum McCann
Angela's Ashes Frank McCourt
H is for Hawk Helen MacDonald
The Comfort of Strangers Ian McEwan
Enduring Love Ian McEwan
Atonement DH Ian McEwan
The Dark DHL John McGahern
Amongst Women John McGahern
The Pornographer John McGahern
Creatures of the Earth EW John McGahern
Barometer Rising Hugh MacKenne
The Man of Feeling Henry Mackenzie
Barometer Rising Hugh MacLennan
Gypsy Girl EW Rosie McKinley
The Road to the Shore EW Michael McLaverty
No Great Mischief EW Alistair McLeod
The Life of an Unknown Man Andrei Makine
Death in Venice Thomas Mann
The Dreamers Roger Manvell
The Balkan Trilogy Olivia Manning
The Play Room Olivia Manning
The Levant Trilogy Olivia Manning
The Rain Forest Olivia Manning
Wolf Hall Hilary Mantel
Bring Up the Bodies Hilary Mantel
The Dreamers Roger Manvell
Embers Sandor Marai
Conversations in Bolzano DC Sandor Marai
The Magic Jacket and Other Stories Walter de la Mare
Love In the Time of Cholera Gabriel Garcia Marquez
One Hundred Years of Solitude  
Jacob Faithful Frederick Marryat
The King's Own Captain Marryat
Mr Midshipman Easy Captain Marryat
The Last Days of Pompeii Captain Marryat
Masterpiece Library of Short Stories, Vols. 1,2,9,10,13,14,17,18  
Coromandel John Masters
The Razor's Edge DHL W. Somerset Maugham
Four Maugham Stories W. Somerset Maugham
Points of View W. Somerset Maugham
Cakes and Ale W. Somerset Maugham
Of Human Bondage W. Somerset Maugham
Collected Short Stories W. Somerset Maugham
Then and Now W. Somerset Maugham
The Explorer DC W. Somerset Maugham
The Narrow Corner EW W. Somerset Maugham
The Mixture as Before W. Somerset Maugham
Selected Short Stories DHL Guy de Maupassant
Bel Ami Guy de Maupassant
Mademoiselle Fifi (French) Guy de Maupassant
Le Rosier de Mme Husson (French) Guy de Maupassant
The Life of An Unknown Man Andrei Makine
Rebecca, My Cousin Rachel, Frenchman's Creek Daphne du Maurier
Rule Britannia Daphne du Maurier
Raven Seek Thy Brother Gavin Maxwell
Rings on Bright Water Gavin Maxwell
The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn Robin Maxwell
A Year in Provence Peter Mayle
Toujours Provence EW Peter Mayle
Typee Herman Melville
The Indian Mutiny Alfred H Miles
Another Alice WW Lea Mills
Gone With the Wind Mary Mitchell
Love in A Cold Climate Nancy Mitford
Modern Swedish Short Stories  
Tulip Fever Deborah Moggach
These Foolish Things DC Deborah Moggach
The Story of Esther Costello Nicholas Monsarrat
Soviet Short Stories Montagu/Marshall
Secrets of the Lighthouse DC Santa Montefiori
Avowals George Moore
September Moon John Moore
The Fountain C Morgan
Great Irish Love Stories Una Morrissy
Cave of Ice Penelope Mortimer
The Distant Hours EW Kate Morton
Labyrinth DC Kate Moss
The Oxford Book of Humorous Prose Frank Muir
Runaway Alice Munro
The Fires of Autumn Irene Nemirovsky
David Golder Irene Nemirovsky
Suite Francaise DH Irene Nemirovsky
All Our Worldly Goods DH Irene Nemirovsky
Fire in the Blood Irene Nemirovsky
The Elephant Keeper Christopher Nicholson
Some irish Loving Edna O'Brien
Girls in Their Married Bliss Edna O'Brien
The Love Object Edna O'Brien
August is a Wicked Month Edna O'Brien
The Ante-Room Kate O'Brien
Mary Lavelle Kate O'Brien
The Cornet Player Who Betrayed England Frank O'Connor
The Islandman O'Crohan
The Elysium Testament Mary O'Donnell
Islanders Peadar O'Donnell
Are You Somebody? Nuala O'Faolain
My Dream of You DC Nuala O'Faolain
Midsummer Night Madness Sean O'Faolain
Famine Liam O'Flaherty
Our Fathers DC Andrew O'Hagan
Without Knowing Mr Walkley Edith Oliver
The Empress Oman
Netherland DC Joseph O'Neill
The English Patient DC Michael Ondaatje
The Boy In The Moon Kate O'Riordan
The World's Classics O'Sullivan
I, The King F Parkinson Keyes
The Last Summer Boris Pasternak
Doctor Zhivago Boris Pasternak
The Tenderness of Wolves EW Stefanie Penney
Evermore Penny Perrick
Malina Penny Perrick
Impossible Things Penny Perrick
Out Stealing Horses DC Per Petterson
The Plantagenet Prelude DH Jean Plaidy
The Battle of the Queens DH Jean Plaidy
The Queen from Provence DH Jean Plaidy
Edward Longshanks DH Jean Plaidy
The Bell Jar Sylvia Plath
Danger to Elizabeth Alison Plowden
Farewell Companions James Plunkett
Strumpet City James Plunkett
Brokeback Mountain Annie E. Proulx
The Shipping News Annie E. Proulx
Postcards Annie E. Proulx
The Guermantes Way (Vol. 6) Marcel Proust
Time Regained (Vol. 12) Marcel Proust
The Complete Prose Tales trsl. Gillon Aitken Alexander Pushkin
The Captain's Daughter and Other Stories Alexander Pushkin
Histoire du Chevalier/Manon Lescaut (French) A-F Prevost d'Exiles
The Cloister and The Hearth Reade
A Moment Like Forever EW Martina Reilly
All Quiet on the Western Front Erich Maria Remarque
The Road Back Erich Maria Remarque
The Night in Lisbon Erich Maria Remarque
The Praise Singer Mary Renault
The Bull From The Sea Mary Renault
The Persian Boy Mary Renault
The Mask of Apollo Mary Renault
Broken-Hearted Clown Butch Reynolds
Volcano Cecil Roberts
Housekeeping Marilynne Robinson
Les Petits Enfants du Siecle (French) Christiane Rochefort
A Terrible Beauty Arthur Roth
Midnight's Children Salman Rushdie
Everything is Illuminated Jonathan Safran Foer
Sunlight On Cold Water Francoise Sagan
Rolling Down The Lea DHL Oliver St. John Gogarty
It Isn't That Time Of Year At All DHL Oliver St. John Gogarty
Intimations DHL Oliver St. John Gogarty
Tumbling In the Hay DHL Oliver St. John Gogarty
As I Was Walking Down Sackville Street DHL Oliver St. John Gogarty
The Catcher in The Rye J D Salinger
Franny and Zoe DC J D Salinger
Fire in the Ice DC Alan Schofield
The Heart of Mid-Lothian Vols. 1-2 Sir Walter Scott
A Legend of Montrose Sir Walter Scott
The Black Dwarf Sir Walter Scott
Ivanhoe Sir Walter Scott
Tender Is The Night F Scott Fitzgerald
The Great Gatsby F Scott Fitzgerald
A Division of Spoils DC Paul Scott
The Case Of Comrade Tulayev DHL Victor Serge
An Equal Music WW Vikram Seth
Welcome to Paradise DC Laurence Shames
The Man Who Stayed at Home Pat Shannon
Wilt It Nowhere Tom Sharpe
Husband and Wife Jeboya Sheler
Collected Stories DC Carol Shields
The Story of an African Farm Olive Schreiner
The Far Country EW Nevil Shute
The Chequer Board EW Nevil Shute
Requiem for a wren EW Nevil Shute
The Holiday DHL Stevie Smith
5327 A Solzhenitsyn
At the Rising Of the Moon, short stories DHL Dermot Somers
Collected Short Stories Dermot Somers
In the Country Somerville & Ross
Some Experiences of an Irish R.M. Somerville & Ross
Through Connemara In A Governess Cart Somerville & Ross
The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie Muriel Spark
Stories of Famous Operas Mrs Stanley Wrench
The Keepers of the House DHL Lisa St. Aubyn de Teran
The Bay Of Silence Lisa St. Aubyn de Teran
Nocturne DHL Lisa St. Aubyn de Teran
Beach Idol Lisa St. Aubyn de Teran
A Valley in Italy Lisa St. Aubyn de Teran
Log From the Sea of Cortez DHL John Steinbeck
Cannery Row John Steinbeck
The Pearl DHL John Steinbeck
The Long Valley DHL John Steinbeck
The Moon is Down DHL John Steinbeck
The Winter of Our Discontent DHL John Steinbeck
Once There Was a War DHL John Steinbeck
To a God Unknown DHL John Steinbeck
In Dubious Battle DHL John Steinbeck
The Wayward Bus DHL John Steinbeck
East of Eden DHL John Steinbeck
Travels With Charlie DHL John Steinbeck
Of Mice and Men DHL John Steinbeck
The Red Pony DHL John Steinbeck
Pastures of Heaven DHL John Steinbeck
Sweet Thursday DHL John Steinbeck
The Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Knights DHL John Steinbeck
By the Open Sea August Strindberg
Mrs Robinson's Disgrace Kate Summerscale
A Life DHL Italo Svevo
Ever After Graham Swift
The Little Friend DC Donna Tartt
Vanity Fair W M Thackeray
The Golden Casket: Chinese Novellas  
The World's Thousand Best Stories, Volumes I-IV  
The White Hotel D M Thomas
A Prospect Of the Sea DHL Dylan Thomas
Stories and Prose DHL Dylan Thomas
The Followers DHL Dylan Thomas
Blaming Elizabeth Taylor
The Yellow Plush-Papers W M Thackeray
Henry Esmond W M Thackeray
Vanity Fair W M Thackeray
The Golden Casket Chinese Novellas of Two Millenia  
Woodbrook David Thornton
Lady Gregory's Toothbrush Colm Toibin
The Master Colm Toibin
Anna Karenina Leo Tolstoy
War and Peace DHL Leo Tolstoy
Resurrection Leo Tolstoy
The Cossacks and the Raid Leo Tolstoy
The Irresistible Inheritance of Wilberforce WW Paul Torday
Letter To Sister Benedicta Rose Tremain
The Cupboard DC Rose Tremain
The Way I Found Her Rose Tremain
Restoration Rose Tremain
The Road Home Rose Tremain
Music and Silence Rose Tremain
The Swimming Pool Season Rose Tremain
The Colour EW Rose Tremain
The Ballroom Of Romance DHL William Trevor
Fools Of Fortune DHL William Trevor
Love and Summer William Trevor
The Story of Lucy Gault William Trevor
Gypsy W B Trites
Framley Parsonage Anthony Trollope
A Village Affair Joanna Trollope
The Rector's Wife Joanna Trollope
Rudin Turgenev
A Nest of Hereditary Legislators Turgenev
The Love Affairs of Napoleon Joseph Turquen
Movement of Swine Eric Turrell
A Spool of Blue Thread Anne Tyler
Kristin Lavransdotter Sigrid Undset
Odd Jobs DH John Updike
IrishGirls About Town EW Various
The Blood Doctor DC Barbara Vine
Candide Voltaire
The Courier's Tale Peter Walker
The Bridges of Madison County EW Robert James Walker
The Silk Weavers Gabrielle Warnock
A Handful Of Dust Evelyn Waugh
Officers and Gentlemen Evelyn Waugh
Brideshead Revisited Evelyn Waugh
The Way the World Is Going H G Wells
The History of Mr Polly DH H G Wells
The Sunlit Stage DC Simonetta Wenkert
The Fountain Overflows Rebecca West
Forever Amber, Vols. 1-2 Kathleen Windsor
The Wooden Horse Eric Williams
The Roman Spring of Mrs Stone DH Tennessee Williams
The Rose Tattoo Tennessee Williams
The Surgeon Of Crowthorne Simon Winchester
Forever Amber Kathleen Windsor
The Mating Season P G Wodehouse
Pigs Have Wings P G Wodehouse
Spring Fever P G Wodehouse
Jeeves in the Offing P G Wodehouse
Piccadilly Jim P G Wodehouse
The Code of the Woosters P G Wodehouse
Black Boy Richard Wright
The Beast in Man DHL Emile Zola
Therese Raquin Emile Zola
The Kill Emile Zola
The Debacle Emile Zola
The Earth Emile Zola


Title Author
A Book of Uncommon Prayer ed. Theo Dorgan
About Our Dogs A Roxton Smith
Absurdly Yours: The Michael Nugent Letters
A Fighting Chance R Blyth
A Gift From Bob John Bowen WWA
All Out for the Mile G Smith
Alternative Prayer Book of the Church of Ireland WWA
A Modern Bee Farm 1914 S Simmins
A Month in the Country J L Carr
An Affair of Honour M Barry
Anam Cara John O'Donoghue DHL
Atlantic Visions
A World Without Bees DH
A Year in the Life of an English Meadow Garnett/Devlin
A - Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants
Back from the Brink - coping with stress Nick Leeson EW
Banksters Murphy/Devlin
Beside the Seaside A Smith
Birds of Coast and Sea DC
Book of Dinosaurs David Lambert
Boomerang: The Meltdown Tour Michael Lewis
British Timbers Boulton/Jay
Brother, Can You Spare a Dime Winslow
Buíchas Leat (Irish) Máire Holmes WWA
Business: A Dynamic World
Call No Man Happy Andre Maurois
Capitalism Anatole Kaletsky
Clean Sweet Wild D C Pyle
Clown E Kelly
Confusion to The Enemy Mason/Harrison
Conservatory Gardening Lynn Bryan
Conversation - a history of a declining art Stephen Miller DHL
Cosmos Carl Sagan
Crayfishes, Lobsters and Crabs of Europe
Creating Period Gardens E Banks
Creative Climbers Paul Williams
Creative Vegetable Gardening J Larkcom
Criminal - inside the minds of criminals and victims Art O'Connor WW
Cultures of Creativity
Days that Shook the World - The Wall Street Crash A Woolf
Depression - the common sense approach Dr Tony Bates WWA
Dictionary of Business
Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain Betty Edwards WWA
Dreamtime John Moriarty DH
Dunes F Tack/P Robin DC
Echoes of Memory John O'Donohue DHL
Encyclopedia of British Wild Flowrs
Encyclopedia of Garden Plants and Flowers
Encyclopaedia of Poultry
England's Precedence M McElwee
Evolution, Genetics and Eugenics Newman
Fame by Chance Donough O'Brien
Flower of the Moment Foster/Hampden
Frozen desire James Buchan
Gardening With Herbs Tolley/Mead
Gardens of Britain P Taylor
Gardens of Ireland Terence ReevesäSmyth
Geomorphology A K Lobeck
Giant Fishes, Whales and Dolphins Norman & Fraser
Googlies, Nutmegs and Boogeys B Wilson
Half the Sky - How to Change the World N D Kristof/S L Windunn
Haunted Homes and Family Legends of Great Britain John H Ingram WW
History from the Sea ed. P Throckmorton
Horace and Me - life lessons from an ancient poet
Horses of Britain Lady Wentworth
How Capitalism Will Save Us Steve Forbes/Elizabeth Ames
How It Works ed. Donald Clarke SJ
How to Make a Wildlife Garden C Baines
Hunter J A Hunter
Icons of Garden Design
In An Irish Garden Connolly/Dillon
In The Name of The Father Isabella Rossellini
Intimate Behaviour Desmond Morris
Irish Birds
Jonathan Livingston Seagull Richard Bach WWA
Keylines Ann Henning Jocelyn WWA DC
Keylines, (English/Chinese ) Ann Henning Jocelyn WWA DC
Keylines for Living Ann Henning Jocelyn WWA DC
Kon-tiki and I E Hesselberg
Landmarks Robert MacFarlane
L'arbre de vie (French)
Lebenslinien (German) "
Lineas Mestras (Portuguese) "
Lösenord (Swedish) "
Kissing the Dark Mark Patrick Hederman WW
Life on Earth David Attenborough DC
Lilliput Magazine 1948 DH
Living Free - The story of Elsa and her cubs Joy Adamson DC
Logbuch eines unbarmherzigen Jahres (German) Connie Palmer DC
Malte J D Evans
Mammalia Volume VI - Whales DH
Man and the Sea P Banbury
Mountains of the Mind Robert MacFarlane
Native Trees and Forests of Ireland
Nautical Style Glenn/McBride
Night Journey to Buddh Gaia John Moriarty WWA
Northabout J Cunnane
One Man's Happiness Lord Tweedsmuir
Official Role of the Baronetage 2011
Orchids C H Curtis
Perseus in The Wind - stories and essays on living Freya Stark DHL
Pocket Guide to the Sea Shore Barrett/Yonge
Power and Greed - styled a short history of the world Philippe Gigantes DHL
People - A Volume of the Good, Bad, Great and Eccentric
Prayers and Meditations Baha'ullah DH
Rainbow's End - The Crash 1929 Klein
Rare Birds of The World Guy Montfort
Rhododendrons and Azaleas K Cox
Rising Tides Rory Spowers DH
Rooted in History - Studies in Conservatory Gardening
Round the World on a Wheel
Rucks, Pucks and Sliders B Wilson
Sale of Patrick Leigh Fermor's Possessions - catalogue Christie's DHL
Sales on a Beer Mat Southon/West
Saving Christianity Hilary Wakeman WWA
Schott's Original Miscellany DH
Sea of Love, Sea of Loss - letters to Olive John Quinn WW
Seaweeds O G Mouritsen
Secrets of the Coast Su Ingle
Secrets of the Seashore
Seven Pillars of Wisdom T E Lawrence
Sex in History Reay Tannahill
Shackleton's Boat Harding/McGregor/Dunnett
Ships in Early Irish History Blackwell
Shrubs Phillips/Rix
Sonas - Celtic Thoughts on Happiness ed. Catherine Conlon SJ
Sophie's World Jostein Gardner WWA
Spaceship Earth N Calder
Sparkling Wit D MacHale
Spoilt Rotten - the Toxic Cult of Sentimentality Theodore Dalrymple
Stars and Planets SJ
Stay Sharp with the Mind Doctor Prof. Ian Robertson WWA
Swedish Ahlgren/Holmes/Serin
Tales I Never Told Michael Winner
The Afghan Handbook Clifford Hubbard
The Arctic Fox D Murphy
The Art of Conversation Peter Burke DHL
The Art of Conversation D E Muir DHL
The Art of Conversation Milton Wright DHL
The Art of Living Andre Maurois DHL
The Art of Loving Erich Fromm WWA
The Ascent of Humanity Gerald Head
The Atlantic Ocean Cotter
The Bankers Shane Ross
The Beatles - History in Photographs Tim Hill WWA
The Beauties of The Boyne and Its Tributary The Blackwater William Wilde DHL
The Boardroom Entrepreneur M Southon/C West SJ
The Book of General Ignorance
The Book of Great Inventions
The Book of the Pistol Pollard
The Book of the Sea de Selincour
The Bookseller of Kabul Åsne Seierstad DH
The Brendan Voyage T Severin
The Brimming River R F Brooke
The British Coast Shell
The Butterfly Garden Rothschild/Farrell
The Colour Dictionary of Garden Plants Hay/Synge
The Commanding Sea Clare Francis
The Complete Book of Dreams Derek and Julia Parker DH
The Complete Floral Healer McIntyre
The Complete Guide to Conservative Gardening Seddon/Bicknell
The Complete Geranium S Louder
The Complete Imbiber Cyril Ray DC
The Conquest of the North Atlantic Marcus
The Day the Bubble Burst Thomas/Morgan-Witts
The Determination of Sex L Doncaster
The Discovery of the Titanic  
The Drama of the Oceans Borgese
The Duel Robert Baldick
The English Master of Arms Aylward
The Face of China: Photographs 1860-1912  
The Gardener's Perpetual Almanack M Hoyles
The Garden Expert D G Hessayon
The Gardening Year L Hattett
The Genius of the Garden Verney/Dunne
The Great Migration: Crossing the Atlantic Under Sail B Greenhill
The Guinness Book of Seashore Life H Angel
The Happy Life - search for contentment in the modern world David Malouf DHL
The House of Angels Aylward
The Human Zoo  
The Illustrated Book of Nature  
The Kingdom by the Sea - a journey around the coast of Great Britain Paul Theroux DH
The Language of Your Cat Frank Manolson
The Last Navigator S D Thomas
The Lesser Evil - political ethics in an age of terror Michael Ignatieff
The Life-Giving Sea Bellamy
The Little Prince Antoine de St-Exupery DHL
The Living World T Farine
The Lost Gardens of Heligan Tom Smyth
Thelwell's Book of Leisure  
The Meaning of Life Terry Eagleton
The Miniature Gardens  
The Miracle of Life Harold Wheeler
The Most Beautiful Alpine Flowers  
The Myth of the Mousetrap A Miller
The Old Ways Robert MacFarlane
The Origin of Species Charles Darwin DH
The Oxford Book of Garden Flowers  
The Pagan Christ Tom Harper DHL
The Plant-finder's Guide to Cacti and Other Succulants  
The Principles of the Arts of Conversation J P Mahaffy DHL
The Prophet Kahill Gibran
The Psychic Explorer J Cainer/C Rider WWA
The Romance of English Forests J Morewood Dowsett
The Rothschild Rhododendrons  
The Rules of Work Richard Templar
There's Something About Mary Mary Banotti DH
The Road Less Travelled and Beyond
The Sea Rachel Carson
The Seas Russell/Yonge
The Sea Shore C M Yonge
The Snowball - Warren Buffet and the Business of Life  
The Song and the Story Isla St. Clair WWA
The Turf comp. Alan Ross
The Uses of Elliman's Embrocation  
The Voyage of Brendan J O'Meara
The Woodfire Handbook Vincent Thurkettle DH
Travels With Epicurus -  
meditations from a Greek island on the pleasures of old age D Klein
The Quiet Room WW  
There She Blows Helen Mielche
The Tree and Shrub Expert D G Hessayon
The Turf Ross
The Vegetable Expert D G Hessayon
The Ways of the Mystic Joan Borysenko WW
The Wealth and Poverty of Nations David Landes
The Wild Life of the World  
The Wild Places Robert MacFarlane
The Wonderful Story of London Harold Wheeler
The Yachtsman's Naturalist Drummond/Rodhouse
To Bear Witness Kevin Cahill
Trees Thomas Pakenham
Towelsail Yawls C Levis
Veterinary Accidents and Ailments: First Aid  
Westward Ho! Pevelman
Why Italians Love to Talk about Food Elena Kostioukovitch WWA
Wild Chorus P Scott
Wild Gardens  
Wine-lore Legends and Traditions P VandykoPrice
World Pictorial Gazetteer  


Title Author
1066 and All That W C Sellars/R J Yeatman WW
1914 Field Marshal Viscount French of Ypres
Abercorn The Hamiltons of Barons Court W J Roulston
A Guide to Sources for the History of Material Culture in Ireland 1500-2000 T Barnard
A History of Europe John Bowle
A History of the English-Speaking Peoples, Vols. 1-4 Winston Churchill
A History of The Most Notorious Pirates Captain Charles Johnston
Abducting a General - the Kreipe operation and .O.E in Crete Patrick Leigh Fermor DHL
Anglo-Saxon England F Stenton
An Insular Rococo Mowl/Earnshaw
Annals of Loch Ce, Vols. 1-2 William M Kennedy
Anzio 1944: an unexpected fury Peter Verney DHL
A People's Tragedy: The Russian Revolution 1891-1924 Orlando Figes DH
A Person From England - Travellers in Central Asia Fitzroy Maclean DHL
Appeasement's Child Thomas J Hamilton
A Soldier's Story, by a leading WWII Commander in the Irish Guards Brig- J O E Vandeleur DHL
A Subject for Taste J Black
Battleplans Before and After
Battleship Barham Geoffrey Jones
Bayonets to Lhasa - account of the British invasion of Tibet 1904 Peter Fleming DHL
Berlin: the downfall 1945 Anthony Beevor DH
Britain's Historic Coast
Britons Colley
Byzantium John Haldon
China the Big Tiger Dick Wilson EW
Clausewitz on War Clausewitz DHL
Civilisation Australian National Gallery
Commando - the war from the Boer side Denys Reitz DHL
Crimea - the last Crusade Orlando Figes DH
Diary of Anne, Countess of Roden Countess of Roden
Death of A Generation - Neuve Chapelle to Verdun and the Somme Alistair Horne DHL
D C Confidential Christopher Meyer
Decisive Battles of the Western World Vols. 1-3 J E C Fuller
Diamonds, Gold and War: The British, The Boers and
the Making of South Africa Martin Meredith DH
Diary of HM The Shah of Persia 1873 DH
Disputed Barricade - Tito and Yugoslavia in WWII Fitzroy Maclean DHL
Domesday Book to Magna Carta A I Poole
Douglas Blair Turnbaugh and the Bloomsbury Group Duncan Grant
Dreadnought: Britain, Germany and the Coming of the Great War Robert Massie DHL
Duel in the Snows . The young husband mission to Lhasa Charles Allen DHL
Eastern Approaches, Travels and WWII Experiences Fitzroy Maclean DHL
El Alamein to The River Sangro Field Marshall Viscount Montgomery
Elizabethan England A H Dodd WWA
Engage the Enemy More Closely Corelli Barnett
England in the Eighteenth Century (1714-1815) J H Plumb
England under the Tudors G R Elton
England's Precedence William McElwee
English Heraldry Charles Bouteu
English Social History G M Trevelyan
English Society in the Early Middle Ages P M Stenton
Europe's Lost Civilisations P Marshall
Everybody's Pepys - Diary of Samuel Pepys 1660-69 WW
Far From the Short Grass - Kildare men in the two World Wars James Durney DHL
Fatal Decision - Anzio and the battle for Rome Carlo d'Este DHL
Friend or Foe - An Anglo-Saxon history of France Alistair Horne
From the Front - despatches from the Boer War A B "Banjo” Paterson DHL
Frontiers and Wars Winston Churchill
Georgian London John Summerson
God's Terrorists - Origins and Rise of Al Queda Charles Allen
Grey Ghosts and Rebel Raiders: exploits of confederate guerrillas V Carrington-Jones DHL
Guardsman's Memories Lord Edward Gleichen
Hammer of The North; Myths and Heroes of the Viking Age Magnus Magnusson DH
Happy Despatches by war correspondent of Boer War and WWI A B "Banjo” Paterson DHL
He That is Down Need Fear No Fall Bruce Arnold
Hiroshima John Hersey DH
History of the Conquest of Mexico, Vols. I - II
History of the Irish Guards in the Second World War Major D Fitzgerald DHL
History of the Second World War Liddell Hart
How Far From Austerlitz - Napoleon 1805-15 Alistair Horne
Hugh Dormer's Diaries - behind the lines of WWII action by an Irish Guards officer DHL
Impressions of London from the late summer of 1840: The thoughts and experiences of a Swedish gentleman J P Bager DH
Into Battle Winston Churchill
In Tyrannos ed. Hans J Rehfisch
Irish Guards: The First Hundred Years 1900-2000 DH
Italy and the Grand Tour J Black
Journal of A Younger Brother T Platter
Journal of Henry McClintock ed. P O'Neill
Journeys into Medieval England, Vols. I - III Michael Jenner
La Belle France - a short history Alistair Horne DHL
Life in a Medieval Village Folio Society
Life in a Medieval Castle Folio Society
Life in a Medieval City Folio Society
Life in the English Country House - a social and
architectural history Mark Girouard WWA
Medieval People Eileen Power
Memoirs of Field Marshal Earl Alexander of Tunis 1940 -45 ed. John North DHL
Memories of a Bombay Mariner Andrew Dunlop
Memoirs of Sergeant Bourgogne 1812-13 intr. R Partridge DH
Memories of the Court of Peking Backhouse/Bland
Men. Machines and Scared Cows, Essays HRH Duke of Edinburgh DH
Mission to Tashkent - an agent in Central Asia 1915-18 Lt.-Col. F M Bailey DHL
Modern Europe and the Wider World Dermor Lucey DH
Mons, Anzac and Kut Lt.-Col Aubrey Herbert MP DHL
Much Sounding Of Bugles. The Siege of Chitral 1895 John Harris DHL
Natasha's Dance: a cultural history of Russia Orlando Figgis DH
One Man In His Time - the life of Lt.-Col. Billy McLean DSO, his unconventional soldiering and political life Ian Fielding DHL
Operation Mercury - the fall of Crete 1941 John Sadler DHL
Osbert Sitwell Great Morning
Osbert Sitwell Noble Essences
Osbert Sitwell Left Hand Right Hand
Osbert Sitwell Laughter in the Next Room
Osbert Sitwell The Scarlet Tree
Peacemakers: six months that changed the world Margaret MacMillan DH
Plain Tales From the British Empire - Images of British in the Empire Charles Allen
Popski's Private Army - behind enemy lines in North Africa and Italy Vladimir Peniakoff DHL
Private Lives in Stalin's Russia Orlando Figes DH
Psychology of Military Incompetence Norman Dixon DHL
Russia Against Napoleon Dominic Lieven DH
Samuel Boswell In Search of A Wife  
Samuel Boswell In Search of A Wife London Journal 1762 - 63
Samuel Boswell In Search of A Wife In Holland 1763-64
Samuel Boswell In Search of A Wife On the Grand Tour I: Germany and Switzerland 1764
Samuel Boswell In Search of A Wife On the Grand Tour II: Italy, Corsica and France 1765-66
Samuel Boswell In Search of A Wife For the Defense 1769-74
Samuel Boswell In Search of A Wife The Ominous Years 1771-76
Scapegoats Of the Empire, by an Australian Officer in "Breaker Morant" Lt. George Witton DHL
Seven Ages of Paris - portrait of a city Alistair Horne DHL
Soldier Of the Seventy-First - a peninsular war journal ed. Christopher Hibbert DHL
Soldier Sahibs - Men who made the North-West Frontier Charles Allen DHL
Stalingrad Anthony Beevor DH
Strokestown and the Great Irish Famine Ciaran Reilly DH
The Age of Elegance 1812-1822 Arthur Bryant
The Age of Scandal T H White
The Anatomy of Courage - the first thorough analysis  
of the psychological effects of war by Churchill's physician Lord Moran DHL
To Lose a Battle - France 1940 Alistair Horne DHL
The Balkans 1804-1999: Nationalism, War and the Great Powers Misha Glenny DH
The Battle for Spain - the Spanish Civil War 1936-39 Anthony Beevor DHL
The Beginnings of English Society D Whitelock
The Black Death Philip Ziegler
The Boer War Thomas Pakenham DHL
The Boer War, abridged illustrated version Thomas Pakenham DHL
The Brave Die Never Jean Barclay
The Brimming River R F Brooke
The Children of Castletown House S Connolly Carew
The Connaught Rangers: a regimental history T P Kilfeather DHL
The Cretan Runner, trsl. Patrick Leigh Fermor George Psychoundakis
The Diary of A Young Lady of Fashion 1764-65 Cleone Knox
The Divine Aretino James Clough
The Doomed Expedition . The Norway Campaign 1940 Jack Adams DHL
The Duke and the Emperor: Wellington and Napoleon John Strawson DH
The Early Stuarts Godfrey Davies
The English Traveller in France 1698-1815 Maxwell
The Fall of an Empire and the Fate of America C Murphy
The Fall of Paris - The siege and commune 1870-71 Alistair Horne DHL
The Fatal Shore Robert Hughes
The Grand Tour John Freely DH
The Grand Tour in the Eighteenth Century J Black
The Great Fire of London W G Bell
The Great Plague WG Bell
The Hare With The Amber Eyes Edmund de Waal
The Hell-Fire Friars Gerald Suster
The Hopeful Traveller Ellison
The Knight and the Umbrella Ian Anstruther
The Knight's Templar Helen Nicholson
The Late Stuarts Sir George Clark
The Letters from the Front (WWI) ed. Jean Kelly
The Lives of the Kings and Queens of England ed. Antonia Fraser
The Love Story of Lady Palmerston F E Baily
The Making of The Middle Ages R W Southern
The Man Who Was Greenmantle: Irish Participation in the US Civil War Paul Jones DHL
The Mediterranean and the Medieval World F Barndel
The Micks - the Story Of the Irish Guards P. Verney DHL
The Monks of War Desmond Seward
The Most Illustrious Order: The Order of St. Patrick and Its Knights Peter Gall
The New Rome C Murphy
The Outline of History H G Wells
The Oxford Illustrated History of Modern Europe  
The Penguin Atlas of British and Irish History DH  
The Perfect Prince Ann Wroe
The Pleasing Hours; The Grand Tour of James Caulfield, 1st Earl of Charlemont 1728-29 C O'Connor
The Price of Glory - Verdun 1916 Alistair Horne DHL
The Princes in the Tower Alison Weir
The Princess of Siberia Christine Sutherland DH
The Pursuit of Glory: The five revolutions that made modern Europe 1648-1815 Tim Blanning DH
The Rash Adventurer - the life of John Pendlebury, shot after the battle for Crete, foreword Patrick Leigh Fermor Imogen Grundon DHL
The Reason Why Cecil Woodham Smith
The Reign of George III Watson
The River War Winston Churchill
The Savage War Of Peace - Algeria 1954-62 Alisatair Horne DHL
The Saxon and Norman Kings Christopher Brooke DH
The Scramble for Africa Thomas Pakenham DHL
The Sea Kingdoms A Moffat
The Second World War Volumes I - VI Winston Churchill
The Seven Years of William IV G M Trevelyan DHL
The Spanish Inquisition Henry Kamen
The Standard Bearer Peter Verney
The Story of England William McElwee
The Taste of Angels F H Taylor
The Two Marshals: Bazaine and Petain Philip Guedalla DH
The War That Ended Peace - how Europe abandoned peace for World War I Margaret MacMillan DH
The Vasa: lost and salvaged  
The Whisperers Orlando Figes DH
The Whig Supremacy Basil Williams
The World of the Favourite Elliott/Brockliss
Thomas Beckett Frank Barlow
Tibet and Its History H E Richardson DHL
Trafalgar 1805 G Fremont-Barnes
Tudor Constitutional Documents 1485-1603  
Uniforms of 1798-1803 F. Glen Thompson DHL
Victorian Britain and Ireland Anderson/Schultz
Victoria's Spymaster: Empire and Espionage Stephen Wade DH
Volunteers for Eire - list of distinctions while serving in the British forces 1939-43 DHL  
With Rommel in the Desert H W Schmidt DHL
Anne Boleyn Marie-Louise Bruce WWA
Anne Boleyn Joanne Denny WWA
Anne Boleyn Eric W Ives WWA
Henry - the prince who would turn tyrant David Starkey WWA
Henry VIII King and Court Alison Weir WWA
Innocent Traitor Alison Weir WWA
Mary Boleyn- The Great and Infamous Whore Alison Weir WWA
In the Lion's Court - Power, Ambition and Sudden Death in the Reign of Henry VIII Derek Wilson WWA
Mary Boleyn Josephine Wilkinson WWA
Mistress Anne - the exceptional life of Anne Boleyn Carolly Erickson WWA
The Challenge of Anne Boleyn Hester W Chapman WWA
The Infamous Lady Rochford Julie Fox WWA
The Lady in the Tower - The fall of Anne Boleyn Alison Weir WWA
The Mistresses of Henry VIII Kelly Hart WWA
The Other Tudors - Henry VIII's mistresses and bastards Philippa Jones WWA
The Queens and the Hive Edith Sitwell WWA
The Rise and Fall of Anne Boleyn Retha M Warnicke WWA
The Six Wives of Henry VIII Antonia Fraser WWA
The Six Wives of Henry VIII Alison Weir WWA
Tudor Women Alison Plowden WWA


Title Author
A Bay of Destiny M J Carroll
A Book of Ireland
A Colony of Strangers Kathleen Villiers-Tuthill
A Galway Gentleman D A Cronin
A Guide to Sources for the History of Material Culture in
Ireland 1500-2000 T Barnard
A History of Ulster J Bardon
Alexander Nimmo - The Western District Kathleen Villiers- Tuthill DC
All Ireland S Rynne
A Military History of Ireland Bartlett & Jeffery
Ancient and Modern R MacCarthy
Ancient Legends of Ireland Lady Wilde
Archbishop Charles Agar Anthony Malcolmson
Archeological Survey of Ireland: Co. Down
Architecture and Sculpture in Ireland 1150-1350 Stalley
A Sea Grey House by the Sea Guy St.John Williams
At Arm's Length Anne Chambers
Atlas of the Irish Rural Landscape Aalen/Whelan/Stout
A World of Stone - Life, Folklore and Legends of the Aran Islands DC
Ballyshannon - its history and antiquities
Banksters David Murphy/Martina Devlin
Beyond the Bens - a history of Clifden and District 1860-1923 Kathleen Villiers-Tuthill
Breakfast the Night before Marjorie Quarton WWA
Burke's Guide to Irish Houses Mark Bence Jones DH
Captain de Cuellar's Adventures in Connacht and Ulster H Allingham
Celtic Heritage Alwyn/Brinkley/Rees
Celtic Migrations W A Hanna
Celtic Mysteries
Celts and Normans MacGearailt
Christian Art in Ancient Ireland, Vol. II
Connemara After the Famine Thomas M Scott WWA
Connemara, Galway and the Burren T Fitzpatrick/T Whilde DC
Connemara Journal August 1993 DC
Connemara - Listening to the Wind Tim Robinson DH
Connemara - The Last Pool of Darkness "
Connemara Part 1 - Introduction and gazetteer "
Connemara - Ramblers' Guide Paddy Dillon DC
Co-Operation and Politics: Horace Plunkett and
the Co-Operative movement Trevor West DHL
County Down Songs
Directory of Irish Archives
Down History and Society
Dublin: A Portrait Pritchett/Hoffner
Dublin Decorative Plasterwork of the 17th and 18th Centuries C P Curran
Dublin - pocket guide DC
Dundalk and Co. Louth
Earl Bishop of Derry
Early Christian Ireland M & L de Paor
Endurance - Heroic journeys in Ireland Dermot Somers
Europe's Lost Civilisation PMarshall
Explore Ireland's Islands DC
Extents of Irish Monastery Possessions 1540-41 White
Father Browne at Home Photographs 1894-1937 J C Martin
From a Clear Blue Sky Timothy Knatchbull DH
Galway City Peadar O'Dowd DC
George Petrie: The Rediscovery of Ireland's Past
Giraldus Cumbrensis: Topography of Ireland
Granuaille Anne Chambers
Great Houses of Ireland Hugh Montgomery Massingberd/
Christopher Simon Sykes DH
Hardiman's History of Galway
Heritage of Ireland B de Breffny
Hidden Conamara E Gibbons
High Island - An Irish Monastery in the Atlantic J W Marshall/ G D Rourke
Historical Monuments of Northern Ireland
Historic Buildings in the Mourne Area of South Down
History of Clifden 1810-1860 Kathleen Villiers-Tuthill DC
History of Ireland 1798 Rebellion
How Far We Have Travelled ed. Mary Maher
Illustrated History of the Irish Poeple
Interpreting Our Heritage F Tilden
Ireland T W Freeman
Ireland Lawless
Ireland MacLiammor/Smith
Ireland T de Vere White
Ireland: A History Robert Kee
Ireland - A Journey into Lost Time P A Síocháin DC
Ireland and the Irish in Maritime History John de Courcy Ireland
Ireland and the Picturesque - Design, Landscape,
Painting and Tourism 1700-1840 Finola O'Kane DH
Ireland in the Later Middle Ages J Lydon
Ireland's Treasures
Ireland's Wildlife Year ed. Eric Dempsey DH
Ireland West DC
Irish Folk Ways Evans
Irish Heritage Evans
Irish Local Names Explained
Irish Memories Somerville & Ross
Irish Place Names Seán McMahon
Jacobite Ireland G Simms
James Joyce's Odyssey F Delaney
James O'Mara - the story of an original Sinn Feiner Patricia Lavelle
John Redmond - The National Leader Dermor McLeader
Journal of a Younger Brother T Platter
La Maison in Connemara Yann Fouere
Legends and Tales of Ireland Lover & Croker
Lives and Possessions in Ireland 1641-1778 Barnard
Lord Kildare's Grand Tour E Fitzgerald
Lord Limerick's Grand Tour Earl of Roden
Lords of the Ascendancy 1600-1800 F G James
Lost Ireland L O'Connor
Making the Irish American ed. Lee/Casey
Memoirs of Co. Down Vol.3
Molly Keane's Ireland
Monty Hall's Great Irish Escapes
Mourne Country Evans
My Ireland - Reminiscences of Ireland Lord Dunsany DHL
My Mourne J S Doran
Nathanael Clemence Anthony Malcolmson
Nature in Its Place - the habitats of Ireland Stephen Mills DC
No Ordinary Tourist Roberts/Morgan-Grenville
Officers and Recruits of the Louth Rifles 1845-1876 B Hall
Old and New Galway DC
Old Galway M D O'Sullivan
Oxford Companion to Irish History DHL
Paddy and Mr Punch R F Foster
Parish of the Sacred Heart, Donnybrook S O Maítíu
Placenames of Northern Ireland: Co. Down Vol.3
Round Ireland in Low Gear Eric Newby
Sacred Celtic Places I Zaczek
Sailing Ships of Mourne
Sir Albert Richardson The Professor S Houfe
St. Nicholas Dundalk H D Temped
Shell Guide to Ireland Killanin/Duignan
Some Galway Memories Maurice Semph DC
Some Galway Memories Maurice Semph DC
Some Galway Memories Maurice Semph DC
Soupers and Jumpers: Protestant Missions in Connemara 1848-1937 Miriam Moffitt
South West Pocket Guide DC
Stones of Aran Tim Robinson
The Annals of Connacht Freeman
The Aran Islands J M Synge
The Bankers: How the banks brought Ireland to its knees Shane Ross DH
The Big House Christopher Simon Sykes
The Burren - naturally yours DC
The Celts N Chadwick
The Celts J Davies
The Celts T G E Powell
The Connemara Bus - a journey through the past in Ireland DC
The County Books: Leinster/Munster & Connaught
The Course of Irish History
The Dam Builders W H Carson
The Great Hunger - Ireland 1845-49 Cecil Woodham Smith
The Great Irish Famine ed. C Poíntier
The Great O'Neill Sean O'Faolain
The Hidden Houses of Ireland M Heron
The History of Strancally Castle Billensteiner/Heffernan
The Illsutrated Journeys of Celia Fiennes 1685-1712 ed. C Morris
The Irish Volunteers 1715-1793 O Snodaigh
The Islands of Ireland Kenneth McNally
The Kit-Kat Club O Field
The Linen Trade of Europe J Horner
The Medieval Castles of Ireland David Sweetman
The Medieval Province of Armagh 1470-1545 A Gwynn
The Members of Parliament for King's and Queen's Counties 1585-1800
The Miracles of the Enchanted Ireland DC
The Mountains of Mourne D Kirk
The Penal Laws 1699-1760
The People of Ireland PLoughrey
The Peoples of Ireland Liam de Paor
The Penguin Atlas of British and Irish History
The Personality of Ireland E Estyn Evans
The Polite Tourist A Tinniswood
The Pursuit of the Heiress 1740-1840 Anthony Malcolmson
The Rediscovery of Ireland's Past George Petrie
There's Something About Mary Mary Banotti
The Ring of Mourne W Haughton Crowe
The Sea Kingdoms A Moffat
The Stranger in Ireland Constantia Maxwell
The Struggle for the Constitution G E Aylmer
The Way That I Went L Praeger
The Wild Night Company - Irish stories of fantasy and horror ed.Peter Hairing
The Year of Liberty: The Great Irish Rebellion of 1798 T Pakenham
Tollymore Park
To School Through the Fields Alice Taylor
Two Centuries of Life in Co. Down 1600-1800 J Stevenson
Vanishing Galway DC
Vanishing Ireland Fennel/Bunbury
Visions and Beliefs in the West of Ireland Lady Gregory
West Or H-Iar Connaught Roderic O'Flaherty
West Pocket Guide DC


Title Author
Aspects of Shakespeare Erik Frykman/Göran Kjellner WWA
Brush Up Your Shakespeare Michael Macrone WWA
Exit, Pursued by a Bear - Shakespeare's
characters, plays, poems, history and stagecraft Louise McConnell WWA
On Reading Shakespeare Logan Pearsall Smith WWA
Shakespeare's Life and World Folio Society DH
Soul of the Age - The Life, Mind and World
of William Shakespeare Jonathan Bate WWA
A Brief Guide to Shakespeare without the boring bits Peter Ackroyd WWA
The Book of William Paul Collins wwa
A Lover Of Unreason: The Life and Tragic Death Of Assia Weevil Yehuda Koren & Eilat Negev DHL
An Essential Self - Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath Lucas Meyers DHL
Fighting For Balance - the Influence of Ted Hughes on Michael Longley John Redmond DHL
Letters Home Sylvia Plath WWA
Letters Of Ted Hughes ed. Christopher Reid DHL
Memories of Ted Hughes Daniel Huws DHL
Poet and Critic - letters of Ted Hughes and Keith Sagar DHL
Prometheus The Life of Balzac Andre Malraux WWA
Sylvia Plath - Great Poets of the 20 Century Foreword Margaret Drabble WWA
Sylvia Plath's Vital Presence In Contemporary Irish Poetry Dr Maria Johnston DHL
Sylvia Plath Drawings DH
Ted and I - A brother's memoir Gerald Hughes DHL
Ted Hughes Terry Gifford DHL
Ted Hughes Keith Sagar DHL
Ted Hughes: An Unauthorized Life Jonathan Bate
Ted Hughes - a bibliography 1946-80 Keith Sagar & Stefan Tabor DHL
Ted Hughes Denis Walder DHL
Ted Hughes: From Cambridge To Collected ed. Terry Gifford, Neil Roberts & Mark Wormald DHL
Ted Hughes - The Life Of A Poet Elaine Feinstein DHL
Ted Hughes' South Yorkshire Steve Ely DHL
The Achievement Of Ted Hughes Keith Sagar DHL
The Art of Ted Hughes Keith Sagar DHL
The Cambridge Companion to Ted Hughes ed. Terry Gifford DHL
The Epic Poise - a celebration of Ted Hughes ed- Nick Gammage DHL
The Journals of Sylvia Plath ed. Karen V Kukil WWA
The Laughter of Foxes - a study of Ted Hughes Keith Sagar DHL
The Paris Review: Ted Hughes, The Art of Poetry DHL
A Life of Colette Judith Thurman DC
Aubrey Beardsley M Sturgis
H C Andersen: the life of a story-teller Jackie Wullschlager WWA
Miklos Banffy The Phoenix Land, Autobiography DH
G Boccaccio The Nymph of Fiesole
Beatrix Potter Margaret Lane DH
Hubert Butler Grandmother and Wolfe Tone, Essays DH
Conversations with Max S N Behrman
Curiosities of Literature John Sutherland WWA
Andrew Barton Paterson Lorna Ollif DHL
”Banjo” Paterson's High Country Tim Hall DHL
H E Bates The Modern Short Story - a critical survey DHL
" The World in Ripeness, a biography DHL
Bruce Chatwin What Am I Doing Here DH
David Colbert The Magic Worlds of Harry Potter
Polly Devlin All of Us There WWA
Drink Time in the Company of Patrick Leigh Fermor Dolores Payás
Laurence Durrell Spirit of Place, Essays and Letters DHL
" Esprit de Corps, sketches of diplomatic life DHL
" Sauve Qui Peut, more diplomatic tales DHL
Laurence Durrell - The Mindscape Richard Pine DHL
Leo Tolstoy A Mende
Lord Dunsany, A Biography Mark Amory DHL
Love Letters of Great Men ed. Ursula Doyle DH
Anne Fadiman At Large and Small - Essays DC
Elaine Feinstein It Goes With the Territory: memories of a poet DHL
William Fiennes The Snow Geese EW
Carlos Fuentes Myself with Others - essays DH
Andre Gide If I Die DH
Terry Gifford Green Voices: understanding nature poetry DHL
J F Goethe Italian Journey
Vaclav Havel Living in Truth, twenty-two essays DHL
Seamus Heaney Selected Prose 1968-78 DHL
" The Government of the Tongue DHL
" The 1986 T S Eliot Memorial Lecture DHL
" Selected Prose 1968-78 DHL
" The Government of the Tongue DHL
Seamus Heaney - a critical overview Thomas Foster DHL
Christopher Isherwood Brian Finnery
Rudyard Kipling Departmental Duties
DH Lawrence Assorted Articles
Lelia - the life of George Sand Andre Maurois DH
Love's Civil War - letters of Elizabeth Bowen
and Charles Ritchie ed. Victoria Glendinning DH
Louis MacNeice Personal Essays DHL
W Somerset Maugham A Writer's Notebook DH
Andre Maurois Call No Man Happy DH
Meredith Siegfried Sassoon DH
Milton - Man and Thinker Denis Saurat DH
Oscar's Books - A journey around the library of Oscar Wilde WW
Richard Murphy The Kick DHL
Frank O'Connor The Lonely Voice, a study of the short story DHL
Seán O'Faolain The Short Story WWA
Mary Oliver Blue Pastures WWA
O'Neill, Son and Playwright, vol. 1 Louis Shaeffer DH
O'Neill, Son and Artist, vol.2 "
Iris Origo, Biography Caroline Moorehead DH
Iris Origo Images and Shadows WWA
" The Last Attachment - the story of Byron
and Teresa Guiccioli DH
Oscar Wilde and the Black Douglas Marquess of Queensberry
Patrick Leigh Fermor, biography Artemis Cooper DH
Bernard Shaw Michael Holroyd WWA
Sheridan Lewis Gibbs DH
Somerville & Ross - The World of the Irish R.M. Gifford Lewis WWA
Steinbeck: a life in letters ed. Elaine Steinbeck & R. Wallsten DHL
Stepping Stones - Interviews with Seamus Heaney Denis O'Driscoll DHL
Strindberg and Love Eivor Martinus WWA
Jonathan Swift Victoria Glendinning DHL
Jonathan Swift Bertram Newman WWA
J M Synge in Wicklow, West Kerry and Connemara G Gmelch, A Saddlemeyer DH
The John McGahern Textbook WWA
The Hundred Best English Essays Earl of Birkenhead
The Life of Oscar Wilde H Pearson
The Lonely Voice: Study of the Short Story Frank O'Connor
The Novels of Liam O'Flaherty P F Sheeran
The Selected Letters of Somerville & Ross ed. Clifford Lewis DH
The True Adventures of John Steinbeck, a full biography J. Benson DHL
The Uninhibited Byron Bernard Grebonier DH
The Wit of Oscar Wilde Sean McCann
Tragedy in the Caucasus, a biography of Mikhail Lermontov Laurence Kelly DHL
William Trevor Excursions In the Real World DHL
" A Writer's Ireland DH
Voltaire A Maurois
Voltaire Prose Romances, vol. I - III DH
Voltaire Zadig or Destiny
Voltaire Zadig or Destiny
H G Wells Mind at the End of its Tether DH
Who Killed Kit Marlowe M J Trow
Oscar Wilde Selected Essays and Poems DHL
" The Essays of Oscar Wilde
" The Prose of Oscar Wilde
" Novels and Fairy Tales
Sheila Wingfield Real People DH
Zola Armand Lanoux WWA


Title Author
A Choice of Emily Dickinson's Verse ed. Ted Hughes
American Poetry ed. Donald Hall DHL
Among the Night Fighters - American Poets of WWII ed. Diedrik Oostdijk DHL
An Anthology of Mine - favourite poetry selected and illustrated by Rex Whistler DHL
A Journey - stanzas on war Lord Dunsany DHL
A Shakespeare Treasury sel. Levi Fox WW
Atoms of Delight - Scottish haiku and short poems ed. Alec Finlay DHL
Best Loved Poems photogr. Liam Lyons ed. Thomas F Walsh, DHYB
Bohemians of the Bulletin ed. Norman Lindsay, incl. A B Paterson DHL
Catullus selected by Aubrey Burl DHL
Classical Love Poetry ed. Jonathan Williams/Clive Cheesman DHL
Country Poems ed. Caroline Foley
Earth Voices Whispering - an anthology of
Irish War Poetry 1914-45 ed. Gerald Dawe DHL
First Imperial Anthology of Japanese Poetry ed. Helen McCullough DHL
Games of Venus - anthology of Greek and Roman
erotic verse from Sappho to Ovid ed. Peter Bing/Rip Cohen DHL
In the Ship's Wake - anthology of tanka ed. Brian Tasker DHL
Ireland's Other Poetry - anonymous to zozimos ed. John Wise Jackson/Hector McDonnell DHL
One Hundred and Seventy Chinese Poems ed. Arthur Waley
Other Men's Flowers selected by Lord Wavell DHMB
Persian Poets ed. Peter Washington DHL
Silver Poets of the Sixteenth Century ed. Douglas Brooks Davies WWA
Sounds From the Unknown - Japanese/American tanka trsl. Lucille Nixon, Tomoe Tana
Sporting Verse Adam Lindsay Gordon DHL
The Blue Bang Theory - new nature poetry Terry Gifford e.a.
The Calligraphy of Clouds - contemporary American
tanka and haiku ed. Yeshaya Rotbard DHL
The Centuries' Poetry Vol. 5 compiled by D K Roberts WW
The Faber Book of Modern Verse ed. Michael Roberts
The Green Book of Poetry ed. Ivo Mosley
The Oxford Book of Short Poems ed- P J Kavanagh and James Michie
The Penguin Book of American Verse ed. Geoffrey Moore DHL
The Penguin Book of Contemporary British Poetry ed. Blake Morrison/Andrew Motion DHL
The Penguin Book of Irish Verse ed. Brendan Kennelly DHL
The Penguin Book of Japanese Verse trsl. Geoffrey Bownas/Anthony Thwaite DHL
The Penguin Book of Love Poetry ed. Jon Stallworthy DHL
The Rattlebag ed. Seamus Heaney/Ted Hughes DHL
The Weekend Book Maynall
The Younger Irish Poets ed. Gerald Dawe DHL
Viewpoints - poets in conversation with John Haffenden DHL
Voices From Ancient Ireland - early Irish Poetry ed. Bob Willoughby DHL
Feather From the Firebird DHL Sacha Abercorn
The Poetical Works DHL Rupert Brook
John Betjeman's Collected Poems DHL John Betjeman
The Pocket Poems DHL John Betjeman
Best of Betjeman DHL John Betjeman
Collected Poems Roy Campbell
Complete Works Chaucer
The Winter Sleep and Captain Lemass DHL Harry Clifton
Selected Poems DHL Gerald Dawe
Shattering Places DHL Gerald Dawe
Love Poems WW Emily Dickinson
The Love Poems DHL John Donne
John Donne - a selection of his poetry ed. John Hayward DHL, John Donne
John Donne - Complete Verse and Selected Prose ed. John Hayward DHL, John Donne
Selected Poems 1935-63 DHL Laurence Durrell
Selected Poems DHL T S Eliot
Ballynahinch Postcards DHL Peter Fallon
The Company of Horses DHL Peter Fallon
Canower Sounds DHL Gerard Fanning
Dikt 1986-2000 (Norwegian) WWA Jon Fosse
Poems Prose and Parodies Percy French ed. Mrs de Burgh Daly DHL
Al Otro Lade del Aguilar DHL Terry Gifford/Christopher North
Collected Poems DHL Oliver St. John Gogarty
Poems and Plays DHL Oliver St. John Gogarty
The Collected Poems DHL Oliver St. John Gogarty
A Postcard From Don Giovanni DHL Grey Gowrie
Collected Poems DHL Robert Graves
The White Goddess DHL Robert Graves
Lars Porsena DHL Robert Graves
Out of Breath DHL Eamonn Grennan
On a Ledge, new and selected poems DHL Bryan Guinness
A Sense of Movement DHL Thom Gunn
Selected Poems 1950-75 Thom Gunn
New and Selected Poems DHL Francis Harvey
Fieldwork DHL Seamus Heaney
Electric Light DHL Seamus Heaney
Selected Poems 1965-75 Seamus Heaney
Station Island DHL Seamus Heaney
Preoccupations DHL Seamus Heaney
Selected Prose 19968-78 Seamus Heaney
The Government of the Tongue DHL Seamus Heaney
Time Enough DHL John Hewitt
Poems and Prose DHL Gerard Manley Hopkins
A Selection of Poems and Prose WW Gerard Manley Hopkins
Stonepicker DHMB Frieda Hughes
Waxworks DHMB Frieda Hughes
The Hawk in the Rain DHL Ted Hughes
Winter Pollen DHL Ted Hughes
Wodwo DHL Ted Hughes
Lupercal DHL Ted Hughes
Selected Translations DHL Ted Hughes
Moortown DHL Ted Hughes
Flowers and Insects DHL Ted Hughes
Selected Poems 1957-67 DHL Ted Hughes
Takles From Ovid DHL Ted Hughes
Selected Poems 1957-81 Ted Hughes
The River DHL Ted Hughes
Remains of Elmet DHL Ted Hughes
What is the Truth? DHL Ted Hughes
Birthday Letters DHL Ted Hughes
Under the North Star Ted Hughes
My Life as a Chatshow Host WWA Gary Jermyn
When the Dowser Came to Doon DHL Robert Jocelyn
The Hayrope Winder - recollections of the Mournes DHMB Robert Jocelyn
One Thousand Petals - haiku and tanka DHL Jenna Johnston
Pomes Penny Each DHL James Joyce
Reservoir Voices DHL Brendan Kennelly
New and Selected Poems DHL Brendan Kennelly
Island Man DHL Brendan Kennelly
A Small Light DHL Brendan Kennelly
Love Cry DHL Brendan Kennelly
The Visitor DHL Brendan Kennelly
Presences DHL P J Kavanagh
Kipling's Verse 1885-1918 DHL Rudyard Kipling. Comp. T S Eliot
A Choice of Kipling's Verse DHL Rudyard Kipling. Comp. T S Eliot
Jocelyn A D Lamartine
Collected Poems DHL Philip Larkin
Selected Poems DHL Laurie Lee
Man Lying on a Wall DHL Michael Longley
Selected Poems DHL Michael Longley
The Mouth of a River DHL Sean Lysaght
An Urgency of Stars DHL Geraldine Mills
The Dead Kingdom DHL John Montague
Mules DHL Paul Muldoon
Childhood Hills DHMB Pat Mullan
The Price of Stone DHL Richard Murphy
Selected Poems DHL Richard Murphy
Selected Poems DHL Osip Mandelstam
Awakening DHL Pat Mullan
Five Poems DHL Hamish MacLaren
Selected Poems DHL Derek Mahon
Modern Poetry DHL Louis MacNeice
Selected Poems DHL Louis MacNeice
Poems Louis MacNeice
Poems 1925-40 Louis MacNeice
The White Page WW Joan McBreen
Collected Poems DHL Samuel Menashe
The Poetical Works DHL Thomas Moore
The Ink Dark Moon - love poems DHL Ono No Komachi/Izumi Shikibu
A Wide Angle - poems DHL Roden Noel
A Consideration of Silk DHL Mary O'Malley
Asylum Road DHL Mary O'Malley
The Knife in the Wave DHL Mary O'Malley
Connemara Blues DHL John O'Donohue
The Art of Love and Other Poems DHL Ovid, trsl. J H Mozley
by L P Wilkinson DHL Ovid, surveyed
Poems DHL Wilfrid Owen, ed. John Stallworthy
Rio Grande's Last Race and Other Poems DHL A B "Banjo" Paterson
The Man From Snowy River DHL A B "Banjo" Paterson
The Man From Iron Bark DHL A B "Banjo" Paterson
Mulga Bill's Bicycle DHL A B "Banjo" Paterson
The Animals Noah Forgot DHL A B "Banjo" Paterson
Oh Ravishing Root DHYB D Peebles/R Rockwell
Ariel WWA Sylvia Plath
Poems DHL Edgar Allan Poe
The Song of Lunch DHL Christopher Reid
The Sonnets DHL William Shakespeare
sel. Thomas Blaikey DHL Shakespeare's Love Poetry
ed. Stephen Booth DHL Shakespeare's Sonnets
A Poet's Notebook DHL Edith Sitwell
Selected Poems DHL Osbert Sitwell
Me Again - Uncollected Writings DHL Stevie Smith
Dark Harbour DHL Mark Strand
The Complete Works DHL J M Synge
The Works DHL Alfred, Lord Tennyson
Selected Poems DHL D M Thomas
The Poems DHL Dylan Thomas
Miscellany Two DHL Dylan Thomas
Quite Early One Morning DHL Dylan Thomas
Holiday Memory DHL Dylan Thomas
Selected Poems DHL Edward Thomas
The World's Room, Collected Poems DHL Laurence Whistler, ill. Rex Whistler
The Emperor Heart DHL Laurence Whistler, ill. Rex Whistler
The House of Belonging WW David Whyte
Selected Essays and Poems Oscar Wilde
Humoresque DHMB Humbert Wolfe
Collected Poems DHL W B Yeats
Selected Poetry DHL W B Yeats
Tangled Hair - selected tanka DHL Akiko Yosano


Title Author
Baily's Magazine of Sports and Pastimes April - June 1919 DH
Country Life Library of Sport:
Shooting (2 vols)
Big Game Shooting (2 vols.)
Fishing (2 vols.)
The Big Shots - Edwardian Shooting Parties J. Garnier Ruffer DC
A Man May Fish T Kingsmill Moore
Duffer's Luck: fishing adventures in the West of Ireland Stephen Gwynn DHL
First Fish First People - Salmon Tales of the
North Pacific Rim ed. J Roche/m Hutchison
Fly-Dresser's Guide J Veniard DHL
Further Guide to Fly-Dressing "
Modern Fly-Tying Techniques "
Fly-Fishing For Salmon N Graesser DHL
Guarding The Silver S Nixon DHL
Irish Trout and Salmon Flies E Malone DHL
The Complete Angler 2 vols. T Walton DHL
The Dry Flyman's Handbook F M Halford DHL
The Trout and the Fly B Clarke & J Goddard DHL
The Way of A Trout with A Fly G Skues DHL
Trout Fly Recognition J Goddard DHL
Everest Calling - the 1993 Irish expedition Lorna Siggins DHL
Everest Pioneer: the photographs of Capt. John Noel Sandra Noel DHL
Everest Reconnaissance : an account of the 1921
Everest expedition Charles Howard-Bury & George Mallory DHL
Everest: the West Ridge Thomas Hornbeing DHL
Everest - best writing and pictures ed. Peter Gillman DHL
Facing Up: an Everest expedition Bear Gryllis DHL
Garwhal Himalaya: ill. introduction to Garwhal Gurmeet & Elizabeth Thukral DHL
High Endeavours: the extraordinary life
and adventures of Clark and Beryl Smeeten Miles Clark DHL
Honey Hunters of Nepal Valli/Summers DH
Into The Silence: the Great War, Mallory
and the conquest of Everest Wade Davis DHL
Lords and Lamas: 1960s expeditions across Bhutan Michel Peissel DHL
Men and the Matterhorn Gaston Rebuffat
Mountaineering - the Lonsdale Library selection of mountaineering accounts DHL
Mountains of Heaven: travel in the Tian Shan Mountains
1913 by future leader of first Everest expedition Charles Howard-Bury DHL
My Tibet Galen Rowell DH
Nepal Tony Hagen DHL
No Picnic On Mount Kenya: account of the Italian
PoW's escape, their attempt on Mount Kenya
and breaking back into camp Felice Benuzzi DHL
A Camera In the Hills F S Smythe DHL
Peaks and Valleys "
Mountaineering Holiday "
Mountain Vision "
The Mountain Scene "
The Valley of Flowers: travelling and climbing in the Garwhal Himalaya "
Paths of Glory - an account of the early
Everest expeditions and George Mallory Jeffrey Archer DHL
Peaks, Passes and Glaciers - Irish Alpine Pioneers Frank Nugent DH
The Howard-Bury archive, sold in 1994 by Mealys Book Auctioneers DHL
The Mystery of Mallory and Irvine: the expedition to find Mallory Tom Holzell & Audrey Salkeed DHL
Secret Tibet: travels in Tibet
before the Chinese occupation Fosco Maraini DHL
Seven Years in Tibet: Heinrich Harrer's escape
from internment in India and his sojourn in Tibet Heinrich Harrer DHL
The Alps - history and illustrations
by a member of the 1953 Everest expedition Wilfrid Noyce DHL
The Other Side of the Mountain James Ramsey Ullman DH
The Picture of Everest, from 1953 expedition A Gregory DHL
The Wildest Dream : Mallory, his life
and conflicting passions Peter & Leni Gillman DHL
World Atlas of Mountaineering ed. Wilfrid Noyce and Ian MacMorrin DHL
A Book of Traveller's Tales Eric Newby
Along the Enchanted Way William Blacker DH
Annals and Memoirs of the Court of Peking E Backhous & J Bland DHL
A Traveller in Rome H V Morton
A Year in Green Tea and Tuk-tuks Rory Spowers
Boston K Morgan
Bucuresti Photographs
Bucovina Photographs
Classic Rugby Clangers
Coast of Sweden Tommy Hammarstrom DH
Crete in Colour Prof. O Reverdin DHL
Falcons and Foxhounds E Mahoney
Greece Fulleylove/M'Clumont DH
Greece in Colour C Kereny DHL
Greece Painted by John Fulleylove Described by J A M Clymount
In Search of Robinson Crusoe
In Search of Winter Sport M Gibbon
Inside Latin America John Gunther
Laser Racing Baird
Men's Lives Peter Mathiessen DH
News from Tartary travelling in the 1930s Peter Fleming DHL
One River W Davis
Round The World on a Wheel J Foster Fraser
Seven Pillars of Wisdom T E Lawrence
Sweden/Sverige DH
The New Glenans Sailing Manual
The Nile
The Pilgrimage of Santiago Edwin Mullins EW
The Road To Oxiana: journeys through Central Asia Robert Byron DHL
The Silk Road: a journey from the High Pamirs
through Sinkiang and Kansu trsl. Ann Henning Jan Myrdal DHL
The Antarctic ed. F Spufford
The Junkerman Smiles - a study of Chinese Junks and Junkmen G Worcester DHL
Arabian Sands W Thesiger
The Arctic ed. E Colbert
The Marsh Arabs W Thesiger
The Traveller's Companion: a travel anthology
compiled by P & M Bloomfield, illustrated by Rex Whistler DHL
The Voyages of Joshua Slocum-Teller
Tibet M Willis
Tibet . photographic odyssey 1980 Kevin Kling DHL
Travels in Tartary, incorporating One's Company and
Jim Corbett's India Jim Corbett
Jungle Lore Jim Corbett
Man-Eaters of Kumaon Jim Corbett
More Man-Eaters of Kumaon Jim Corbett
My India Jim Corbett
The Man-Eating Leopard of Rudraprayas Jim Corbett
The Temple Tiger Jim Corbett
There She Blows Hakon Mielche
Traditional Boats of Ireland - History, Folklore, Construction ed. Cristóir MacCartaigh DH
Venice Charles Yriarte
Westward Ho' S J Pevelman
A Time to Keep Silence Patrick Leigh Fermor DHL
A Time Of Gifts - Part 1 of Patrick Leigh Fermor's pre-war travels to Greece DHL
Between the Woods and the Water - Part 2 "
The Broken Road - Part 3 "
Mani: travels in southern Peloponnese Patrick Leigh Fermor
Roumeli: travels in northern Greece Patrick Leigh Fermor
The Traveller's Tree Patrick Leigh Fermor
Three Letters From the Andes: letters to Joan, his wife Patrick Leigh Fermor
Words of Mercury Patrick Leigh Fermor
In Search of Winter Sport Monk Gibbon
Skiing Simplified Arnold Fawcus
French Method - Emile Allais' Technique
Film-Making from Script to Screen
Best Film Plays 1945
Soviet Cinema T Dickinson/C de la Roche
Cinema Italiano (in Italian)


Title Author
A Handbook of Greek Art Richter
An Atlas of Roman Britain Jones/Mattingly
Ancient Olympics Nigel Spirey
Apuleius The Golden Age
Astronomy in Pre-historic Britain and Ireland Ruggles
Augustus John Buchan
Before Tutankhamen Reeves/Taylor/Carter
Beloved and God R Lambert
Caligula: The Corruption of Power AA Barrett
Catullus Biography and Selection of Poems by Aubrey Burl
Cicero Selected Works DHL
Classical Dictionary
Daily Life in Ancient Rome J Carcopino
Excavations 1967-85 Halstock
Exploring Pre-historic Europe Scarre
Exploring the World of the Ancient Greeks Camp/Fisher
Following Hadrian Elizabeth Speller
Greek Fire O Taplin
Greek Thought Brunschwig/Lloyd
Greeks and Trojans R Warner LF
Handbook for British and Irish Archeology C Lavell
Herodotus The Histories DHL
Homer The Iliad DHL
" The Odyssey trsl. Robert Fogles WW
H D F Kitto The Greeks
Robin Lane Fox The Classical World DHL
Epic History From Homer to Hadrian DHL
" Alexander The Great DHL
" The Search For Alexander DHL
" Pagans and Christians DHL
From 2nd Century to Constantine DHL
" (ed.)The Long March: Xenophon and The Ten Thousand, Essays DHL
Latin Literature - An Anthology
Lives of the Later Caesars A R Birley
Livy The War With Hannibal DHL
Lost City of the Incas H Bingham
Love in the Ancient World C Miles
Lucretius The Nature of The Universe DHL
" de rerum natura
Manual of Roman Antiquities Ramsay
Marcus Aurelius Meditations DHL
Myths of The Greeks and Romans Michael Grant
Nero G Walker
Olympia A Kalleya
Olympia and Olympic Games
On the Track of Pre-historic Man H Kuhn LF
Ovid The Metamorphoses DHL
" Amores
" The Art of Love and Other Poems
Pausanias Guide to Greece 1, Central Greece DHL
" Guide to Greece 2, Southern Greece DHL
Penguin 20th Century Classical Catalogue DHL
Petronius The Satyricon DHL
Plato Phedrus LF
" The Republic
" The Last Days of Socrates
Plato The Republic H D P Lee
Pliny's Letters Fisher/griffin
Pompeii Ian Andrews
Pompeii Awakened Judith Harris
Prometheus' World C Keveney
Roman Britain Richmond
Roman Forts in Britain Batsford
Stonehenge Revealed D Sonden
Subterranean Rome Könemann
The Bull of Minos L Cottrell
The Campaigns of Alexander Arrian DHL
The Classical Age The Folio Society
The Concise Encyclopedia of Archeology
The Ethics of Aristotle Radish/Baldick
The Glory That Was Greece J C Stobart
The Grandeur That Was Rome J C Stobart
The Greek Myths The Folio Society
The Greeks H D F Kitto LF
The Hellenistic Age The Folio Society
The Hippolytus of Euripides ed. J P Mahaffy and J B Bury
The Legends of Troy M R Scherer
The Lost World of Pompeii Frances Lincoln
The Lyrical Age The Folio Society
The Mysterious Death of Tutanchamun Paul Doherty
The Nature of Alexander Mary Renault DHL
The Oxford History of the Ancient World Boardman/Griffin/Murray
The Parthenon M Beard
The Persian Wars The Folio Society
The Romans R H Barrow
The Sea Kings of Crete J Baikie
The Search for the Etruscans J Wellard
The Seventy Great Mysteries of the Ancient World B M Fagan
The Song of Roland DHL
The Spartans P Cartledge
The Tomb of Tutankhamen H Carter
The World of Rome M Grant
The World of Pompeii and Herculaneum M Grant
Tiberius Caesar G B Baker
Tutankhamen Desroches Noblecourt
Tutankhamen and Other Essays A Weigall
Varous, trsl. Harold Isbell The Last Poets of Imperial Rome
Virgil The Pastoral Poems DHL
" The Aenid LF
" Selections from the Aenid
What Life Was Like 525-322 BC  
L P Wilkinson Ovid surveyed
Wonders of Antiquity L Cottrell
Xenophon Scripta Minora DHL
" The Persian Campaign
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